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Admiral C. Vernesteen (CHVRedstone) is the current mayor of Rinoimiskee Pyyn and ruler of Dakuh Duzma as well as being the Admiral of the nation of TiirtaÄävot Jat.


Vernesteen was there when the dwarven kingdom of Dakuh Duzma was first discovered at Eth Thjar Zozr centuries ago. He was there during the rise and fall of both Fossore Republics. He was there when Moria united and collapsed within months.

Centuries ago, Vernesteen, along with his ship's crew of a dozen or so sailors from a long forgotten nation, came upon the empty shell that was Dakuh-Duzma at the time. Intrigued, he took a party of a few trustworthy men inside with him. Upon entering, he discovered the Kingdom of Quartz. The sheer beauty alone was enough to entice the strongest of men, and Vernesteen was not that. Along with his crew, he claimed the mountain kingdom as his own.

During one of his early explorations of the kingdom, Vernesteen came upon a ring of pure black with hints of gold. Unknowing of the power of this ring, he tried it on. Although loose at first it quickly shrunk to fit his finger. It fit a little too well, it was stuck. This ring, Udodelige, was known as the undying ring, he would soon learn why. As Vernesteen continued to rule his mountain he watched his crew that was once younger than him grow old and frail whilst he hadn't but one new wrinkle in his face. When his old home country collapsed, he accepted new refugees, both military in background and civilian. These would become the first inhabitants of TiirtaÄävot Jat and members of the Äävot Daasee. A town soon grew around the mountain, with merchants, houses, and a busy daily lifestyle.

Centuries passed and as global powers rose and fell, Vernesteen grew anxious about the defensibility of his Nation. Vernesteen ordered the construction of a grand fleet of ships to add on to the already significant strength of Tiirta Äävot Jat's navy. He then ordered the creation of the second wall, a wall to enclose the state and protect its interests.

Still, Vernesteen did not age.