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"Many of you have come to me, and asked me who I am. Though your curiosity is welcome, you should know that I am only a tool which exists to show others the path to the Good life. I am no high druid, I am not pure. I am ultimately a pragmatist. Nature is without symbolism and is bare for all to see. I use language and deceit. I admire those who give up all the abstract concepts of the mind and become as our creator willed us to be, but I cannot take this path. I am not the example you should look to. I am just a guide along the path. Those, at the end of it, are the ones you should aspire to be.

   My work does not demand the growth of my self, it demands that I aid others to grow. I can never detach myself, because my sole duty is to the World. I must sacrifice my own spiritual needs, and do whatever I can to restore the balance."