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Akesios (Formerly Known as Apollo) Begun his journey awakening in a place called Eldia, next to a town dubbed Fort Crowin. A Senator Named Robberito found the man engulfed in flames as he was hurtled from the sun seemingly exiled from the heavens. Akesios (then known only as Apollo) awoke in Robberito's Home, in a comfortable bed. Apollo then became a member of the town and friends with the Eldians while also trying to figure out his origins, and nature. Being a foreign entity, most people and civilians showed extreme caution when approaching the flaming entity, but Apollo eventually became, somewhat human. Eventually Apollo set out on his own, to start his own town, the first of many he would come to find out. Apollo stumbled upon a ruined fortress on a deserted island he dubbed "Harambes Village" After a beast he slew. But things must come to an end and new things must begin as Apollo then set his sights on Cristaldenn where he became co mayor. The city was built up under his rule and with the help of his loyal citizens. But something wasn't right. His soul was tugging in every direction, he knew he should leave. So, under the disguise of deceit, he went off with one of his new citizens, Galen. To Form, Fort Sunguard. But once again, Apollo's soul was tugging in the same fashion it did in Cristaldenn, but this time a primal nature took over Apollo. He Massacred the Livestock in an animalistic fashion, and he built strange structures, seemingly, structures from the heavens. Apollo was then banished from the land for a short time for integrating back into society. He knew what he did was wrong, however, he couldn't control his urge for chaos, it scared the being of flame, as he was essentially raised by humans. So he moved to another town, and another, and another, his soul never resting, however with every town, his origins and memory was slowly creeping back into the light of his mind. and finally, after being slain in a foolish attempt to scout out Solaria's enemy, Certaria, his memory finally returned. His origin was the fact that he was once a god, from a faraway land, but after Apollo did something so awful his father, Zeus, banished him from the heavens and sent him to Eldia to fend for himself to atone for his sin of killing a God. Apollo changed his name and coated himself in a suit of Black armor. He then called himself Akesios, his surname. His surname means to ward off evil, so under this new name, he will build up a city that will be so beautiful it will triumph over his former heavenly palace.