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Amleth (41) was born to a poor landowner in Nixium. He is one and a half meters tall and was born with snow-white hair. Though he is short, he is rather brawny, with broad shoulders and a stern face. He is of pure Isviking descent ethnically, his family never interracially bred with the Archivians or other races on the continent.

Amleth grew up on the same farm he inherited after his father's death. His mother a shieldmaiden and his father a berserker.

Son of "Orwendel the Giant"

His father was given the nickname "Orwendel the Giant" which served as both a joke and as a testament to his legacy as a berserker. In his saga, Orwendel's nickname is said to have come from the time he, a man only one and a half meters tall, slew a giant and wore the giant's ears around his neck.

Unlike his father, Amleth never became a berserker. While he did go on raids and fight alongside his father, his primary interest was not in fighting but in books. He is a skilled fighter with an axe, but studied architecture and politics on his own. He has also taken a keen interest in the art of the Bard, and practices the xylophone in his free time.

Troubles in Nixium

Soon after the death of his father, and inheriting his father's land, Amleth ran into issues. The local lords in Nixium were no longer protecting him and his property, as they were off with their best men in the capital of Ashina, after Nixium merged into Ashina. Amleth suffered from bandits, mobs, and the infertility of the land leading crops to not grow.

Founding of Hálfrland

After a few years unsuccessfully running his small farm, Amleth ordered his friend to construct him a longship that could take his people somewhere new. The longship was mighty, and named Sӕrbjørn for having a bear's head rather than a dragon's on the mantle. Amleth loaded his people, family, friends, and thralls onto the ship and sailed north, through the icy waters before landing on an island shaped like a crescent moon, half snow and half grass. Amleth called this land Hálfrland and his people the Hálfrmen.

Upon settling in Hálfrland, the first thing he and his people built was a keep in a cave in the hill, which they call "The Mound". It serves as Amleth's family's seat of power on the island, and a place by which law can be given out and justice presided over.

He has been called "Forebear" by his people, for founding this settlement. He has also created a new clan since founding this settlement, called Hvithár, meaning "White Hair", which comes from his family's genetic predisposition towards snow white hair.