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Anderm is a tundra region in northeastern Moria. It is currently controlled by TiirtaÄävot Jat.

The Anderm region of Moria.


The following is an excerpt from a text by an Äävot Daasee scholar. It describes the history of Dakuh Duzma before the arrival of the Äävot Daasee.

Thousands of years ago, before most Alathran civilizations had begun to bloom, the Dwarves of Dakuh Duzma had carved themselves a mighty city of quartz and stone. Into the face and interior caves of the mountain lay a shining white city rich in minerals and prosperity. Unfortunately, the Dwarves, like their ancestors before them and their kin after, were too greedy. They mined the mountain dry, becoming obsessed with its value and possible jewels and minerals. They dug too far for too long. When winter of that year struck, the Dwarves had no provisions as they hadn't prepared for the cold winter months that year. Now, Dwarves being Dwarves, this was no major adversity. Yes there were some that starved or died of dehydration, but the majority of the population survived to what would've been spring. They survived long enough that they thought that crops would begin to grow anew. That's where they were met with a deadly surprise. The winter that year never let up. It hasn't for the past few thousand years since the dwarves died or froze to death, their entire population ravaged by storm. The entire peninsula was and still is surrounded by an intense winter storm, refusing to die or leave the area. The once beautiful mountain civilization would lie dormant with halls emptied of its once lively inhabitants for a thousand years and yet another thousand years over. This would remain up until the start of recent Alathran history.

Later in the text, the scholar explains the arrival of the Äävot Daasee and the development of their culture in Anderm.

Roughly 500 years before present day, a group of explorers got lost in an intense winter wind.

A small caravan of ships, led by Admiral C. Vernesteen, crashed upon the shores of the Imiskee Siinny Peninsula (funnily translating to "the Mountain's Peninsula Peninsula" beacuse a few muotäi diplomats didn't quite understand the language). Vernesteen ventured towards the mountain he could see in the distance, eventually stumbling upon the gates of Dakuh Duzma. Leading his crewmates inside, they hunkered down with what little provisions they had with them and began to plan. Leveraging their slightly more advanced technological understanding and infrastructure, the newly landed inhabitants quickly laid out greenhouses in the slightly more temperate summer months allowing crops to grow and life to continue. From there, beautiful and wondrous as Dakuh Duzma was, the now self proclaimed Äävot Daasee began construction of homes and buildings outside the mountain and across the Ääpetmöy Vau River (again diplomats performed a "River" river) in a town they called RinoImiskee Pyyn. This town would quickly grow to become a major port city, climate not withstanding, within Moria and the town would expand exponentially to support many sea faring merchants. TiirtaÄävot Jat would continue its history without anything new of note happening, preferring to remain to itself and neutral in most global conflicts, retreating inwards in regards to global affairs.

TiirtaÄävot Jat eventually merged with Nablizahir to form the New Anglian Federation (N.A.F.). Megaladon later sold Nablizahir to Fare-Unire. Without Nabilzahir, the identity of the N.A.F. was no longer applicable, and the nation was returned to its traditional name of TiirtaÄävot Jat.

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