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Early Life

Andras crowin was born on Kogonon around the same time as his brother Anthony Rose. Their mother and father split with their father going to Gaushan and their mother staying on Kogonon. At a young age Andras was taught the Solaris and Eldian Faith and the basic language of Eldia, the nation where he and his father resided. Andras crowin was taught how to fight at 14 for preparation for the military. When he turned 16, he was entered into the Eldian Military to serve 4 years and fight for the Stahlfaust V Eldia war. During the war he learns life skills and learns how to ride horseback, his main form of travel today. He leaves the Eldian military at 20, riding his horse to a river not too far from Ironhill and started a town called Fort Crowin.


Andras crowin has pride for Eldia. For being a solider for the Eldian Military and almost dying for the ideals of the nation that held him up, he always wanted more and more for Eldia, and doesn't take no for an answer. He is well respected in the ranks, and is very close to Hiram, Lord protector of Eldia. Among the others in Eldia he is viewed as kind and sweet, and a fearless warrior when it comes to battle.