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CitizenshipGaushan, The Library
OccupationHead Librarian
Known forSighing, Sorting books
Notable workThe Library

Angela (Username Devox_Runeheart, Discord Devox Runeheart#9363) is the current Head Librarian of "The Library", a mysterious structure that began to form as a bright light shot out of the "Vatican" ruins


Angela, previously known as , has been quite tight lipped about their life before their arrival. Wile they have been tight lipped about their past, they have implied they are much older than they look, and are willing to go quite far to achieve their goals.

While aiding the residents of Haven to stop Rynnth, she reveled that she has magic similar to that of beacons, emitting a light that gives a beneficial effect to her allies. However in using it glowing cracks spread up her arm which broke off with the sound of broken glass, disappearing into fragments of light and leaving a glowing stump. Over time the arm "reformed" and now appears as if nothing had happened. From this, it is clear that Angela is not Human like she appears.

Current Goals

Their current self stated goal is to "Finish this tower of knowledge, as has been ordered of me by the Owner of The Library"


  • Angela is deathly afraid of bottles
  • While the player behind Angela is male, Angela is female
  • Angela is "Neutral Good" according to their player