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Photo of Apachtli

Apachtli joined the server on 13 March 2022.


Apachtli belongs to the Coral Reef subspecies of an aquatic race known as the Aitectli. Coral Reef Aitectli are known for their cyan skin and for living in symbiosis with the Corals, which form a vital part of their ecosystem. He has blue hair, and although Aitectli have no natural facial hair features, kelp grows from his face in resemblance of a beard. He wears clothes fashioned out of kelp and seagrass.


Early Life

Not much is known about Apachtli's earlier life before moving to the new colony, although he proclaims to have been a coral farmer before arriving in Alathra.

Arrival of the Aitectli

In early March the first Aitectli arrived in Alathra from a place known as Naut'Kah in a far away ocean. Not much more is known about it's location. Apachtli was the second Aitectli to arrive in the Alathrian pioneer colony that was established to become a new home for their people.

Promotion to Ezhuacatl

After the first crime in the colony led to the speedy construction of a government building and jail, a new law system was instituted in Nauthli, marking its official transition from colony to city state. With the creation of the law, the Tlatoani (leader of the city state) created the position of advisor known as the Ezhuacatl; to which Apachtli was appointed.


Apachtli is a follower of Tidalism.