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First appearance

Apis first randomly appeared in Ragusa in the 14th year of alathra seemingly out of nowhere.

First actions in alathra

in his first few days in the world of alathra he built himself a small farming outpost with some fields and animals but he soon got an opportunity to start a town in the nation of lydoneia and he accepted it which would bring another surprise with it his old friend HerrPanda suddenly arrived in the nation and the two were reunited, panda decided to join Apis in his starting of the town and the two started work on the town that they would name Spar

Current (09/02/2022)

Apis is currently working on his town Spar with his friend Herrpanda

Life before Alathra/origin?

It is unknown where apis grew up or where he was before he somehow ended up in alathra but he sometimes refers to a grand hive and a queen named ismail when questioned about his home


Apis is of the Beastfolk race his appearance resembles that of a common honey bee that looks fairly young, he wears tribal style clothing with a large wolf headdress


It is currently unknown what religion or deity Apis believes in


Apis has a set of wings on his back but they are damaged leaving him unable to fly like he used to be able to

He is able to communicate with the more primitive bees that are common in alathra