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Motto: Sapiens & Serenitat Knowledge & Serenity)
Official languages Common Tongue
Ethnic groups Mixed
Religion Agnostic
Demonym Archivist, Archiver
Government placeholder
 •  Grand Master NomadFine
 •  Placeholder Placeholder
Establishment Time Immemorial

Town Overview

Archivia is an academical seat within the Archduchy of Nixium and one of the most ancient settlements in all of Prospit, being founded by a demonic being called Zaktos. Its purpose was the collection, preservation and archiving of all knowledge of the world. Archivia has no major native culture, being populated entirely by an order of devoted archivists and knowledge seekers. The community is mysterious and secluded, but formed the Old Nixium Oath together with Isvik after the Prospitian Revolution.