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Ardeneux was a city-state within the continent of Moria. The capital city is known as 'Charmont'

The Start of Ardeneux

This is Charmont, The Capital City of Ardeneux as of 12/10/21.

Ardeneux was founded by the current King and Prince, TylxrMD and AshtonCrowfield. They were originally Rednan citizens, with TylxrMD being the chief builder of that town. They wanted a new adventure, a new start, as they stumble across this lovely plain land north of Ezrael (now known as Ezra.) they both agreed it was where their city was to be situated. They spent weeks designing the colosseum in which the fight between Theodmer and Sherman took place, and houses, they had big plans for this town. Though this didn't come easy to them, as they had some issues with then Eastern Elyria and the then Eshellic Confederation, Eastern Elyria gave Ardeneux an ultimatum, to choose Nabilzahir, or Redna. The King very quickly chose Redna and to this day are not friendly to Nabilzahir. They also came across some land disputes, as they settled on Ezrael's and Eshelle land. Which was very quickly resolved and Ardeneux was officially formed.

Colosseum and Pre-United Moria Days

Ardeneux are currently one of the older nations on Moria, stretching back to when it was called New Anglia and it was formed in about September 2021. The town has been very slowly increasing in size, unfortunately due to low player count we are unable to expand very fast. One of the great builds, the build that Charmont is known for, is the Colosseum. This colosseum was being designed by the top architects in Ardeneux for weeks, and then was built in 2 sittings. Swiftly after the construction of the colosseum, the great fight which marked the end of the second great war was set in Charmont, where Sherman ended up as victor as they won the war. This marked the end of Estea which caused uproar inside Ardeneux as they were our closest ally. Ardeneux at the time was spreading fast, we included towns such as Xiaovatik, Charmont, Valley of Milton, and Komodo. Then the New Fossores Republic came about, we very quickly became allies and best friends on the continent to try and make the most of the state that it was in.

United Moria

United Moria started as an agreement between King Tyler I and President Stampy. Since their aims of the continent co-aligned they agreed to merge the two great nations of Ardeneux and New Fossores Republic into one, creating United Moria. This nation spread fast, since the collapse of former nations left a lot of free land, we obtained full control of Vangdale Peak (originally co-owned with Estea) and we extended our land from the top of the continent near Volkstad to the bottom in the desert near Nabilzahir. United Moria was made as a diarchy, with both Tyler and Stampy being the leader, and the capital city was Mineopolis. Unfortunately, this promising nation fell due to the sudden independence of Anderm, Crystal Cove, and Exodia. That area of the nation was the main source of income in the nation so it led to economic collapse and the fall of United Moria.

About Ardeneux

Ardeneux is pronounced as (Ar-dun-oh) which is a french play on words on the Ardenne forest, which kind of sounds like 'I Don't Know' which is a common joke which is made within the nation, It's common and only export of goods is wheat, because that is the only thing that they grow in their nation, but they make their living from selling stacks of diamonds, which has kept the nation alive longer than most anticipated.