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Argenti ( _Argenti_ ) resides in Kais Kogong, a town in the Arcadian Altanate. He is deputy of Kais Kogong (a rank in the Arcadian goverment) and a priest to the Mufijo.

Physical Traits

Argenti appears to be pretty standard as far as humans go, with curly brown hair and forest green eyes. His typically wears a black jumpsuit under red overcoat trimed with gold. When ever he is expecting a fight he brings along a sash stuffed full of magical knickknacks.



Divine Magic

While as a priest Argenti does receive daily magic from the gods, he (to put it bluntly) is an idiot at divine magic, and is unable to realy manage anything with it. Ex: minor healing, light, changing color of eyes.

Arcane Tinkering

Their are seven types of crystal, one corresponding to each type of kinetic energy and an additional two, one that produces Mana and another that stores it. The crystals produce an effect when Mana is put into them, either by hand or by connecting them to one of the Mana crystals with a copper wire. The thickness of the copper wire determines how much Mana can travel along it to the crystal, bigger= more power. Crystal size follows much of the same idea, the bigger it is the more capacity it has to produce corresponding effects. Additionally some metals can aid in the creation of new items.

The Seven types of Crystal
Name Mechanical Electrical Radiant Thermal Sound Production Storage
Color Light blue Yellow White Orange Green Purple Clear
Effect Increase in motion* Electricity** Electromagnetic radiation*** Heat (Not Fire) Sound waves**** Makes Mana Stores Mana
Math 15Joules = 1M 2M/sec/ in2**** 20M/ in2

*Basically a push

**Comes in pairs, with electricity jumping from one to the other.

*** Automatically produces white visible light, can change through Exposure.

**** Volume doesn't depend on magical power, instead tone does, more per second higher pitch less lower pitch. The volume increase per in2.

The Four Metals
Name Lead Gold Copper Iron
Effect Blocks or weakens effects* Transports Mana in surges Transports Mana at steady rate Extracts and absorbs**

*By covering a crystal's face you can weaken or prevent the effect coming out from that side.

**Lets mages directly take out or add magic to the system by touching the iron.

Outside effects on Crystals

Some things (In addition to the metals) cause the crystals to exhibit new behaviors.


By running an electrical current through the primary five crystals (save the Electrical one), you can invert its expected result. EX: Mechanical makes an area where motion is harder, Thermal makes cold, Radiant makes darkness.


By putting the crystals through sufficient force (droping it from a cliff) you force the crystal to form cracks. When magical energy is next put through the broken crystal, it explodes with Ten times expected result, the blast destroys the crystal.


By putting a Radiant crystal next to an active sound crystal, you can force the radiant to produce higher or lower energy electromagnetic radiation. Higher tone = higher energy. However, when shifted to a higher or lower energy form, the radiant crystal consumes exponentially more energy.


Air Conditioning
Air conditioning

Orange and yellow represent cooling system. Light blue moves air towards the cooler. Dark grey is lead which makes the forces directional. Purple is producer crystal. Copper wires move Mana to activate crystals.