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Argil was once part of a large and prosperous Dwarven kingdom. Part of the Crafters Guild, he was assigned the position of Builder and worked in the Dwarven halls creating masterpieces of architecture that surface dwellers could only dream of. However, when working in the deep one day, the earth began to tremble violently. The tunnels and halls of the Dwarves lasted but minutes before shearing apart, causing massive cave-ins and blockages. Argil managed to secure a small corner of the hall he was working in, but all the other miners and workers in the area were not saved by his efforts. Trapped for nearly a day in a pile made of rubble and the bodies of his kin, Argil managed to escape his cage. When he emerged, however, he realized that the rest of the kingdom had suffered the same. He wandered the halls for days, searching for food and water while trying to find more of his kin. A week later, he emerged onto the surface, despondent and alone. He had found none alive in the great halls other than himself. With nothing else to do, he wandering the wilderness, eventually searching for a place to stop and begin to build, as he had always done. It was all he had, and he hoped that perhaps he could regain what he had lost with time.