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Picture of Arkaley from June 2021, colorized


Arkaley (Arr-kah-lee) is a fishing town located in the South-Eastern continent of Alathra on an island, founded June 19th, 2021. It is not part of a nation.



During the time period that Imagi9ne had been found, him and Alix (Alix111) agreed to start a town together. The jungle was chosen for its lush greenery and abundance of rain. It became a fishing town when the port was constructed, which makes fish the primary food source.

The Threat

On June 26th, 2021, signs were found near the border of the town. On those signs wrote:" I'm going to need you to leave. If you don't, my army of seven will burn your city to the grand and leave no trace that you were ever here. I want all of this stuff moved out by July 3rd, or else." Punctuation was added to make it more readable. No one has stepped up to reveal that they wrote the threat. However, there is no town near Arkaley that has 7 people. Ashina was suspected by some people, but the King Shepsicle replied:" Our army is certainly far bigger than 7." at the time of writing, it is still unknown who wrote those threats outside the border. However, many surrounding towns had offered to help, offering supplies and combat aid.


Arkaley is located in between swamp, ocean and jungle biomes, with jungle being the dominant biome. The size of the town is 7,168 blocks^2 with a radius of ~90 blocks. The terrain is generally flat. There is a village located North of the town.

Flag of Arkaley



The town has 1 resident: Imagi9ne. Imagi9ne was the co-founder of the town, now the mayor of Arkaley. Little is known about what he does.


The flag of Arkaley was chosen for its look. The blue represents the ocean near the town. The light blue depicts the lukewarm ocean also located near Arkaley. The light gray represents the neutrality of the town's current state.

The ocean depicted on the flag covers the most area due to it being the dominant biome surrounding the town.



Everyone who wants to join is required to prove their worth, chosen by the mayor. There is a ceremony afterwards with a buffet consisting of fish, berries, bread and absinthe, as well as cake.


There is currently no specific religion in Arkaley.


The fish is never sold, so the money provided comes from slaying monsters and mining ores.



There is an inn located in Arkaley, selling mostly absinthe and coffee. Wine has been attempted, but has always been a failed attempt.

Arkaley Laboratory

Arkaley Laboratory holds most of the research located in the town. It is only available to the residents.