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Table Of Contents:
Early Life and Entry to Alathra
Finding Fossore
Political Life

Early Life and Entry to Alathra

The Early Life of ArrestedZeus is relatively unknown, aside from what he has documented inside of various diaries. These texts are the only known link to ArrestedZeus' past. His accounts are as follows:

: "It has been many moons since I first woke up in this strange land, and I have finally found rest and peace within a friendly village. I will try to recall the past few days to the best of my abilities, I am sure that whoever reads this can forgive me for any murky details once they understand the circumstances of this tale.

I first looked and saw a small wood in the midst of a vast plain, it was unlike anything I had known before, nothing at all like the crowded streets of Tel'Amir. At any rate I set forth towards it to alleviate myself in it's shade. As I sat there the most peculiar occurrence happened right before my very own eyes. Just in front of me a large arachnid approached from around a bend. A horrifying sight to say the least and by gods it must have been more than a meter large! I quickly understood that this wood was being occupied by him and left shortly thereafter. My First Night

It had been a fairly uneventful day, save for my encounter with the large arachnid. I had, luckily found an abandoned raft, however any attempt to locate the owner of said vessel was unsuccessful. Undoubtedly someone else who must have washed ashore to this strange land. And what a land it was! As unremarkable as the day had been the sights I saw themselves was more astonishing than any I had seen prior. I was overwhelmed by the nature sprawling before, before had I seen such natural beauty and richness in the land I would've thought myself a highly lord. But here as a meagerly lost soul I witnessed mountains that touched the heavens! vast deep blue oceans! plains and deserts that stretched beyond the horizon. Any other day I would have thought myself drunk or slumbered.
My biting hunger came as a painful reminder to the graveness of my situation. I looked above and saw that the rays of light were becoming red and faint. No shelter no food no civilization, I yearned and mourned for the dull greyness of Tel'Amir.

Yet to my horror this land was not as quaint and calm as I first thought.

Night came faster than expected and I had but only a shakily strewn together hut that lay betwixt two fallen trees. I set about making a campfire and traps in hopes of catching some of the wild game when I heard a deep gurgle behind me. As I slowly turned to meet the rotting face my fear turned to dread. A living dead man lunged towards me. I quickly pushed back and fled towards what little shelter I had when a strange shrubbish looking monster reared its head, eyes glowing red it spontaneously combusted and destroyed all I had. With nowhere safe to turn I simply ran into the night, barely able to see and quickly finding myself starved I dashed between dozens of ginormous arachnids, shrub monsters, dead men, and animated skeletons. Eventually however I caved in to my starvation and passed out in a small hole in the ground.

The Morning After

I awoke to sounds of birds chirping and bulls mooing. Crawling out of the pathetic grave I hid myself in I couldn't help but feel traumatized by the night before. Though, as I looked around I saw no signs of of the carnage that I witnessed the night prior. there were no human remains, no haunting hisses, even my shelter was in perfect condition. The only rational thought I could muster was the conclusion I had gone mad in my depraved state. So I once again set forth in seeking food, during this time I solely survived off of wild berries and wild poultry..."

NB: it is heavily suspected Arrested Zeus' raft was New_bradford, which was also megadalons birthplace, making it an area of extreme importance