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Artemus current skin
Born21 years old
Nationalityhalf minotaur/half mountain goat
Other namesUnknown
Known forUnknown

Artemus (ign WestQueenCircus) is a nomadic passerby who's trying to get by in life. Surviving on scraps and petty theft, Artemus is forever on the run to escape things they have done in their past. They ventured into the lands of Alathra after being pursued by a group of bounty hunters wanting to collect a decent bounty on their head.

Artemus joined the server on January 4th, 2022.


Early Life

Artemus was born on the 5th of May, having spent most of their early life high up in a mountain's peak, within a cavern-converted home shared their father and youngest brother. Being the oldest out of the two, Artemus spent most of their time under her father's roof, raising their little brother, Theron, while their father wasn't much in the picture. Artemus left their fathers home at the early age of fourteen, abandoning their old life and the abuse their father put them through. Artemus sadly wasn't able to save their brother, leaving him behind.

Growing Up On Their Own

After leaving their father's home, Artemus remained homeless while taking up odd jobs and stealing scraps in order to keep moving on. Artemus would occasionally get swept up in mix-ups, hired mercenary work, paid thievery, and sometimes even simple gardening work amongst their travels. They were never in one place for a significant amount of time, always on the move, hoping the residents of the new place they were heading to would not recognize them. During these years of their life, Artemus always thought about their brother.

Modern Life

Now having grown into adulthood, Artemus now ventures into the lands of Alathra, hoping this part of their life would be better.


Familiar Faces

Artemus could recognize a few faces they have met within this land so far, a man named Twyst being one of them. The two might share a past together...