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Arthur Koal
ResidenceAranholme - The Museum
OccupationPaladin in training, mage in training, librarian
OrganizationThe Kingdom of Aran'Lúnarium, The Lúnar Inquisition, The Order of the Mystic Hourglass
Home townJotunstan
  • Lloyd Koal - MIA (father)
  • Catherine Koal - dead (mother)


Arthur Koal lives in the town of Jotunstan. He has done so his entire life as that was where he was born. He is the son of the local blacksmith. His mother died during childbirth leaving him and his father living together. Sadly, during an unknown mission ordered by J, Arthur's father went missing and was presumed dead. He has no other known relatives.

The Time Blip

Arthur had experienced the time blip in Jotunstan like everyone else there. During the five years that past in this 'time bubble' he slowly became friends with the entity known as 'J'. However his father disapproved and tried to keep him away from her. However this proved ineffective as J and Arthur became friends and J has chosen Arthur to become the next leader when she leaves.

Young love

During his time in Jotunstan, Arthur fell in love with the lightning dragon Taranis. They would hang out a lot and soon confessed their feelings for each other. Their bond grew and they promised to be with each other and one day marry.

The fall of Lydoneia

During the period of when Lydoneia fell and the Kingdom of Lothric rises, Arthur was tasked with learning magic, combat skills and politics. He chose to master in the art of Anti-magic and was being taught Elostic. His teacher was the Ambassador.


Later, Arthur moved to the town of Aranholme as per request of J. He began his training as a paladin and later joined the paladin orders of the Lúnar Inquisition and the Order of the Mystic Hourglass. His current residence is in the museum that houses trinkets collected over time.


Arthur stands at a height of 5'11 and has a moderately well build physique. He has scruffy brown hair and brown eyes. He often wears a light brown jacket, a light blue shirt, grey trousers and dark grey shoes. He also has a grey strap to hold equipment.

Political Beliefs

Arthur doesn't have much care for politics, even though he is meant to be studying the subject. This means he doesn't have any opinion on the subject and prefers just to follow whoever is in charge.


Arthur doesn't have a set religion he believes in but rather keeps himself open to all beliefs and prefers to study them. Though, since he now lives in Aranholme, he is more lenient towards the Arnadi Pantheon.

Known for



  • Arthur is Bisexual
  • He is the son of the Jotunstan blacksmith
  • J asked Aglarian to guide and protect him