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The Asturcian Empire or later known as the Asturcian Republic was a Nation located on Gaushan and later New Anglia.

The Asturcian Empire Era

Asturcia City got founded on the 4.1.2022 by a player named Greenedo on the former territorys of Elyria. There he found an unfinished castle with a village called Vangdale peak. This was the beginning of the Asturcian Empire. On 5.1.2022 he founded the country, he started gathering new people and expanded. The nation nation immediately got into a war with Alopalia, Asturcia won it and they founded the Gaushan Alliance. Soon after the war, the citys of Ehir and Renova wanted to join the empire. At this point they were one of the big players on Gaushan, but they neighbors NRG didn't like it, and gave the Rehiring State money to join them. Soon after that, the next war hit them. Chickenprism declared war on the Asturcian Empire. They won the war again, but they knew it was over for them. NRG already told them that they will attack them sometimes, so they joined the NRG which renamed themself to the Stahlfaust Republic.

The Asturcian Republic/Holy Roman Republic

After they got bought by the Stahlfaust Republic, they moved to another location. They moved to New Anglia and founded the Holy Roman Republic, with its capital Colonia Germania. They also claimed an island and a piece of Gaushan. But after almost all of his citizens left, the leader Greenedo decided to say goodbye to his nation and left the server for the last time on the 4.2.2022.

Asturcian Empire Asturcia City Newtown Elyria City Ehir Renova Casada The Festival
Asturcian Republic/Holy Roman Republic Colonia Germania Roma Occidentalis Kaiserslicht Astuburg / / /

Notable Members:

Greenedo, Notafed2467, RyanVemomRyan, WooWeeImbasa