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Atolia Island
An overview of Atolia Island
An overview of Atolia Island
Flag of Atolia Island
Etymology: Warm Ocean Island
CountryArcadian Altanate
FoundedJuly 15, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-07-15)
Founded byPixelPaladin96
 • MayorPixelPaladin96
Population 5


Atolia Island is a small hamlet off the coast of Wahat Almarjan and the continent of Prospit. The town was founded by PixelPaladin96 on the night of July 15th, 2021. It has experienced slow but steady growth over the few weeks since it's establishment; a quaint and pretty town having covered the island completely. It is a very small island, just a little bigger than 130 x 130. Due to this limitation of space a lot of their buildings take advantage of height and underground portions to get the most use out of their limited land space. The best example of this would be the Tower of Atolia

As of August 14th 2021, Atolia has joined the Arcadian Altanate. They had very close relations with them and just finished a large construction project between them, and had a council vote the same evening. 4 in favor of joining, 0 against. They operate as a semi-autonomous town within the nation, although a document still needs to be created.

Tower of Atolia

The Tower of Atolia, located on the southernmost part of the island, is a building that spans well over one hundred blocks in height, with a build design allowing for additional floors to be constructed onto the tower when needed. The building style of the island is mainly stone brick and spruce wood, although they have started using a fair amount of wool as well. They have a small general store on the island and welcome anyone who wants to browse.

As of August 18th 2021 the majority of the Tower of Atolia has been finished. The construction took about two weeks of on and off construction to reach the point of completion. Most floors are completed, and residents can start moving in.

Atolia's General Store

Atolia has been constructing a general store as a way to increase visitors to the island and get to know more of Alathra in general, while helping people acquire resources and income for themselves to continue to grow the island. All residents of Atolia currently help to stock and gather items to sell; anyone from Atolia is welcome to set up chests inside. They carry a wide range of products including crops, seeds, mob drops, and building materials. The biggest seller of the store currently is gun powder which is propelling the Atolian economy into a golden age of prosperity and growth and allowing them to diversify their economy even further. Atolia's Mayor, PixelPaladin96 hopes to eventually sell almost everything possible inside the shop to better serve his fellow Alathran's.

The general store is part of a greater idea and project. PixelPaladin has grown much more comfortable and ambitious with the world since arriving, and hopes to eventually have Atolia be viewed as a sort of barter/trade hub where many people from across the world visit to trade, and buy Atolia's wares. There is also vacation or resort style plots under construction for people looking for a home away from home. Prices are negotiable in certain circumstances; fledgling towns and people down on their luck are welcome to negotiate and barter for better prices with any Atolians. Certain prices are firm however, like gunpowder prices.

Residents and Government

The town currently has five residents: PixelPaladin96, Zilla420, Randomnoob63, TheArckaneMage, and Hateummall. PixelPaladin96 is the founder and the main diplomat of the island. He doesn't give orders or control much anything on the island, and everyone is free to do what they wish as long as they abide by the ideals of Atolia. Zilla, Randomnoob and Hateummall tend to be excellent miners and resource gatherers, while Pixel and TheArckaneMage are the main architects of the island. Their government consists of every member of Atolia in the form of a council. For important issues everyone convenes together, and everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard. Currently, a majority vote is needed to proceed with a decision. Pixel does not gain any additional voting power as the founder of Atolia, and everyone's voice is heard equally.

They are pacifists by nature, and it would take a lot to get them to join a war that isn't a defensive one. Due to the treaty they held with Arcadian Altanate, along with the completed infrastructure project Atolia has since decided to become a full member of the Arcadian Altanate.


Their religion has ties to the sun and the moon, but also holding religious significance for all Atolians. They commonly believe the sun/day is a time for growth, exploration, and harvest. The moon/night is a time of rejuvenation, contemplation, and rest. During the day it's common to see Atolians out and about in Alathra or on the island itself. At night most tend to stay inside working on more sheltered projects, or sleeping in a bed. The belief of karma is also an important part of their religion, commonly influencing a lot of their choices. They follow a belief that if you do good, good things happen. And if you do bad things, bad things happen. So they tend to be very friendly and kind to anyone who stumbles across their small hamlet.

Due to their good relations and recent incorporation into the Arcadian Altanate and general curiousity they have learned much about the holy Mufijo faith, and have found that it has many similarities with their own. Pixel is still working on a complete scripture of their own faith, but it will likely have influence from their nearby allies.


Atolia has a rather small economy with their main exports being sugar cane, gun powder, and white wool. They have a few large trading partners currently (Such as the towns of Haven, Mineopolis, and Wahat Almarjan) but they also have a general store on the island, and welcome anyone who wishes to browse or trade. While they might not generate that much revenue currently, they are hard at work expanding their farms to a near industrial level as well as diversifying into different things like mob drops and logs among other things.

Recently their gunpowder sales have exploded, leading Atolia into a golden age economically. They hope the success of their general store will continue on, and continue to stock and add new products daily.


On the night of July 15th, 2021 PixelPaladin96 discovered a small island, barely 30 x 30 in width. He was drawn to the area; beautiful lights and coral visible in the coastline along with a fairly isolated location. For the first two weeks PixelPaladin truly lived the life of a hermit; keeping to himself and merely gathering, planting, and building in preparation of the town's construction. Zilla420 and TheArckane mage are the earliest members of Atolia, joining around a week after the town's official declaration. Randomnoob63 joined just at the start of August, and Hateummall is the most recent addition, having joined on the evening of August 24th, 2021.

July 15th, 2021

This marks the start of Atolia Island. The island was a small mound of sand upon arrival, and Pixel busied himself expanding and constructing initial farms and a small building for himself to live in which still stands untouched to this day.