Bal Duran (Location)

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Bal Duran is the highest mountain on the continent Koganon, roughly 500 blocks Northwest of Kais Kogong. Bal Duran has been claimed by Thieves, Bandits, and currently, the Dwarves of Kharn Burim, under the Arcadian Altanate.


Ancient Times

During the forming and shaping of the world, the mountain in which Bal Duran was named violently erupted into a Volcano, forming the mountain-range of Bal Duran. After many years of being extremely active, the mountain slowly became less active, before it eventually became completely inactive, the magma below cooling and hardening.

With the cooling of the magma, the mountain of Bal Duran became a sparse landscape filled with stone, with the sole exception of the inner pit of the mountain. Of which became a rich, fertile field due to the layers of ash and rain allowing the growth of grass.

Recent History

Recently, with the settling of the mountain’s pit, by a group of thieves and bandits, something stirred within the mountain. The thieves digging and exploration of the caves woke creatures sleeping deep within the mountain, near the old magma core. Those creatures were the Dwarves of Bal Duran. When the bandits and thieves were driven away by Kogongu, the activity on the surface piqued the Dwarves’ interest, causing them to reach out to the surface. The Dwarves, would for the first time, see sunlight.

Current events

Upon reaching the surface, the curious Dwarf under the Alias of Raistron, King under the Mountain, explored the nearby regions, first coming into contact with Glider Freamani of Kais Kogong. After a period of talking and agreements, Raistron joined the Arcadian Altanate, and began the construction of Ironforge under his home of Bal Duran. And with the help of Aus of Gint and Hateumall of Atolia the excavation of Ironforge was kicked into overdrive, with nearly half of the ring of Ironforge completed in one day.