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Beograd na Moru
Port City of the Republic of Fossores
Current Skyline of Beograd
Current Skyline of Beograd
Flag of Beograd na Moru
Official logo of Beograd na Moru
Coat of arms
Motto(s): Само Слога Србина Спашава
"Only Unity Will Save the Serbs"
CountryFossore Republic
ContinentNew Anglia
Established22 July, 2021
 • MayorAwsomebuilder23
Population (31 July, 2021)
 • Total1

Beograd na Moru is a coastal city on Moria. It was once an important city in the Fossores Republic. The city is based off of the real city of Belgrade, Serbia; hence the flag, coat of arms, and architectural style. Beograd is situated on the small Ada River, connecting the sea to Lake Oganj on the western edge of the city. On 30 July, 2021, a canal was constructed linking Lake Oganj and the Serpent River, thus creating the island of Vrbas.