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"heh heh what's up buddy? You look like you've seen the dead."

Bones Wither
Item Answer
Names/Nick names Bones

Boney Boy Wither Dog Skeleton Man

Undead, A wither god who is pretending to just be a whither skeleton
Homes Lost Wind, Synbio, the nether
Abilities Immortal, opening portals to the nether
Motives Protecting Gwen
Alive or Dead Alive

Bones has been dead for thirty nine years, and undead for five thousand three hundred ninety two years. With newfound nether born powers he uses the help of piglins to escape from the nether in seeking of revenge on his companions who left him in the Nether to die only to find they'd died already. Coming back to Alathera he causes The Rip and escapes where he meets and battles Gwen. It takes a while but Bones finds friendship in Gwen and live together in a home that after a month together will become the start to the town of Lost Wind, and Capital of Synbio*.

Bones as a person is a watcher. He watches people, studies them, instead of interacting. This is also because he doesn't care much for friendship outside of Gwen, he's happy with just them. Bones has a more hostile and quick to anger personality from being part wither with a thirst for blood. Gwen has been working on this with him and he sustains the bloodlust with hunting animals and keeping himself hard at work and very busy. Bones suffers from hearing voices, as souls lost in the nether clung to his reanimating body so he can hear their chatter in his skull. The voices comment on things tell him to do things, and talk to each other and even him. He tries to ignore them but it gets hard for him so sometimes he has outbursts because of his irritation.