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When Miles was young, he was exiled from his kingdom. Using this to his advantage he took up solitary confinement and worked on his magic for 8 years, primarily enchantment magic. However, after those 8 years he couldn't advance any further in his magic on his own. So, deciding to further his studies, he returned to the world to look for a place to settle. He wasn't use to the new world he came into due to the fact he having no interaction with anyone.



Miles soon reached the town of Aranholme and met the king, Aglarian. Aglarian saw the vast potential in his magic capabilities and allowed him to stay at Aranholme. He was granted the title of Arch-Mage of Kar'Aman as well as many positions all to fit the facade of miles' new Identity that is being fabricated with an illusion spell, Boraman Côr'Crygûs. On top of this he created the Guild, joined the Academy, and became an AIA representative of [[Archive:Aranholme|].

The Guild

Miles helped create the Guild, a way of completing jobs for other people while they are being paid.

The Academy

Miles joined the Academy as a teacher of Enchantment magic.

Future plans

Miles plans to return to his home and throne of Solis but needs to regain his standing in the world first.

Personal Beliefs