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Pristine Republic of Cailethia
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: Egységen és folyamaton keresztül!
Through unity and process!
Anthem: "Sej, Haj, Haho!" (English: "Hey, Hey, Aho!")
Largest city Cailethia (2)
Official languages Cailethian
Religion Naeturism
Demonym Cailethian
Government Electoral Representative Republic
 •  High Minister Aelrindel of Cailethia (Westerian)

Cailethia (Cailethian: Kailetia), officially known as the Pristine Republic of Cailethia, is a small republic located on the southern coast of Prospit. It is currently an Electoral Representative Republic, united under a democratically elected House and led by a leader elected from said House every two months.