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Born to a single commoner mother in Peachfield, Camellia used to work as a maid for nobles, before she grew bored of it and moved to Taffasan, where she currently works as a “waitress”.

Despite her job title, she is rarely seen serving customers at the kitchen, usually dwelling in the basement. When she does her job once in a blue moon, her aloof demeanor, heavy alcoholic stench, and general forgetfulness combined makes for such atrocious service, it is a miracle that she has yet to be fired.

It should be noted that no one has seen her truly sober.

No one knows why she is allowed to keep her job, or what she actually does for the matter. All that is known is that she has gathered a terrifyingly large army of cats, and she mostly spends her time in the basement despite having her own bedroom at the inn. Some suspect she might not be human given how little she sleeps, but nothing can be proven as of now.

Deep down, at the far back corner of her mind, she also wonders why she’s allowed to stay. Sure, she has her work in the basement, but everything else should have gotten her thrown out. She has her suspicions, but she is never quite sober enough to think about why…