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Parents & Birth

Festino Silva

Festino Silva, an Eldian commoner, was the mother of Camestres Angolmois. Not much is known about her family or her past, but it is likely that she was of Pyrrhian descent, as her last name appears to be of the High Pyrrhian language.

Festino was known throughout Hightower (at that time it was called Winterhallow, and was a much smaller village) for her kindness and her beauty. She always extended her hand to help those in need, without prejudice. She was thoughtful and loving, and overall innocent. Sadly, aside from these features of her behavior and personality, not much else is known about her as a person.

Mauragraine Angolmois

Mauragraine Angolmois, a man of noble descent, who lived on Prospit, was the father of Camestres Angolmois. Of course, he is descended from the noble House Angolmois, which originated as a lesser nobility, unofficial to the state, in Acquendavia. He was the younger brother of Lord Tilly Angolmois (also known as King Helios I). Unfortunately, House Angolmois lacked recognition by any kingdom or country of Prospit, so the noble status of Mauragraine was upheld mostly by his own personal wealth.

Mauragraine, though outwardly, seemed to be a kind and courteous nobleman, was inwardly a devious fox. He cared only for power, and for his own political image, for he had for many years attempted to seek out a position of political importance on Prospit (an endeavor which ultimately failed). He treated his lineage and the legacy and tradition of House Angolmois as a vanity to his political persona. Sadly, he really contributed nothing to the world around him, and lived only to seek out political power.

Mauragraine And Festino's Affair

On a trip to visit his brother in the territory of Winterhallow (which at the time was Arcadian), Mauragraine and Festino first met. He was enticed by her beauty, and ended up extending his visit for the sake of introducing himself to her and getting to know her. After this, his visits became more frequent, but less for the sake of him seeing his brother, and more for the sake of him seeing Festino. As this went on, the two began to know each other very well (or so Festino thought), and a romance developed between them. Eventually the two become so lost in their passionate love for one another, that they ended up unintentionally having a child. This could have led to a happy and beautiful marriage, but because Mauragraine was a depraved and evil man, only disaster and tragedy would follow.

Upon finding out that Festino was to give birth to a child, Mauragraine panicked and pleaded with her to send the child away, and have him raised by a caretaker or in an orphanage. Festino's refusal to give up her child only made Mauragraine more afraid. He knew that his reputation would forever be ruined if it came to light that he had a child outside of marriage, and not only that, but with a commoner too. His desperation and fear led his pleading ang begging to become demands. He tried to force Festino to send the child away, but she still steadfastly refused, especially now that she could see Mauragraine for what he really was. Surely, she would have told everyone who the child's father was, and would have exposed Mauragraine's actions. This was something that he could just not allow.

At some point, both of them decided that action needed to be taken. Out of fear, Festino consulted the Heafodmann and Governor of Eldia, Tilly Angolmois, brother of Mauragraine. He gave to her a small fortune, with whcich she could provide for her child. He also promised her safety within the borders of Winterhallow. While Festino did this, Mauragraine plotted within the shadows of a way to get rid of both her and the child they had made. Being a coward, he was not swift to do anything serious, but eventually, he hired an assassin to try and remove them both from Alathra.

The Murder Of Festino Silva

Because of Mauragraine's constant threats and volatile words, Festino felt it necessary to hide away her child. She quickly and quietly put together a plan to have him watched over by a caretaker on mainland Arcadia. He was to stay there until it was safe for him to return. Festino had no idea how long her son would be gone, but she was still determined to do what was necessary to keep him safe.