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Willow Sharkbait is a Self proclaimed Captain with his "Crew".

Captains Origin

Willow lived on a remote island, with his mother and father, Willow's father, Gerald Sharkbait, was a famous pirate back in his prime, and wants Willow to continue the family legacy. Gerald told Willow at a young age that, "When I get old and frail, and you're ready, I want you to stick a dagger through my ribs and go off in the wide world and honor the Sharkbait name." and at the age of 22 that is exactly what Willow did.

Sharkbait's Whereabouts

Willow Sharkbait was able to find some people to accompany, which he has now designated as his "Crew" and they are currently residing at a ravine under the water below a grand lighthouse. Willow has yet to pirate anyone, but plans to in the future to continue the legacy.