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Cassius Tybault
Prince Bishop of Windgarde
Oil Painting of Cassius
Born1237 ADU (After Divine Union)
Other namesSer Tybault, Prince Bishop, Lord Tybault
OccupationPrince Bishop
Known forLeading the "Righteous Hammer"

The Prince Bishop of Windgarde, Leader of the "Righteous Hammer", Defender of the Divine Unionist. IGN: _SHS_


Early Life

Cassius Tybault was the fourth born son to a noble family in his home country of Daenlock. As was a tradition amongst noble families, he was sent to serve in the clergy, where he began his studies to become a priest of Thelwin and Sylvae. However, it was soon realized his martial prowess could not be ignored, and he was instead reassigned to train as a knight. Upon reaching the rank of knighthood, he proved his prowess on the field and his devotion to the gods multiple times, committing countless acts of selflessness and bravery for his fellow Daens. This led him to achieve the rank of Paladin which he continued to make strides in spreading the true faith through Daenlock and even participating in holy crusades by order of Thelwin. Ultimately, the King of the Daens and the High Eminence of the faith itself gave the honorable title of Prince Bishop to Cassius. With this, the King gave Cassius a new objective, to spread the faith to the world's edges. Thus beginning Cassius' journey to Alathra.

Notable Event 1

Cassius, amongst his loyal knights and priests, founded the church town of Windgarde.

Notable Event 2

Political Beliefs

Cassius is a firm believer in Theocratic Republics; while he does hail from the monarchy of the Daens, he believes that those closest to Thelwin and Sylvae should be the leaders of society.


Divine Unionism


  • Is the Alathran head of Thelwinism, however, is not the head of the religion itself.
  • He is the youngest Prince Bishop appointed by the King at the age of 28.
  • While he is no longer in the line of succession for his family's titles, he is the current owner of his family sword, "Dusk."