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This page is supposed to help Alathra players make a wiki page for their character. Generally, this paragraph should be a basic summary of your character.

Official Title
File:Image of character
Caption of image
BornTown, Nation
ResidenceTown, Nation
NationalityWhat country does your character live in
Other namesDoes your character have any nicknames or is known by something else?
OccupationYour characters job
Known forWhat is your character known for?
TitleYour characters official title
FamilyWhat family does your character belong to?


This section should detail the early life of your character. Some possible topics to include are:

  • Family
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Personality
  • Living Conditions
  • Other Significant Events

Political Beliefs

This section should explain your character's political beliefs. Possible things to include are:

  • Ideology
  • Involvement in Politics
  • Beliefs on Foreign Policy
  • Beliefs on Claim
  • Beliefs on Taxation


Interesting/misc. facts about your character.