Praetara Centrum

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Praetara Centrum
Urba Lunae
Administrative Capital
City of the Moon, Luna
The Gate of Praetara in Luna
The Gate of Praetara in Luna
Flag of Praetara Centrum
 • Holy Consul Wrenvion
 • Holy Consul, Son of Imphiel Ursus

Praetara Centrum, formerly Luna, is a city in northern Arith, final stronghold of the Praetaran culture during the Dark Age, administrative capital of Praetara, and home of the Gate of Praetara.

City Background

Ancient Gate of Luna:

The Ancient Gate was built during ancient times, it has managed to keep it’s appearance almost exactly identical as it looked in ancient times due to magic used by the Sacred Order. This is the exact tower where the Great Order is located, a fitting place as it has the ability to look over the entire city. Whilst it’s bottom levels are accessible to normal people and often a centre of trade, it’s upper levels are only accessible to those of the Great Order. There is no easy way to get up to the upper levels ,due to the lack of stairs, without extremely hard effort by climbing the exterior, however this is next to impossible as attempts have been prevented by the city guards. The gate is presumed to hold the ability to open gateways to realms people cannot normally access, providing the one hoping to access the realm has enough power physically and mentally, enough willpower. Ancient gates were created by a nation from ancient times called Praetara which has since collapsed, the city Luna being the only known remaining city from that old nation, until it's reformation on June 18th 2022.

City of Luna

This was a city was built in ancient times around the same time as the Ancient Gate. It holds many types of buildings such as; temples for deities, housing for the people which live in Luna, a marketplace and multiple small crop farms in order to allow the town to be self sufficient.

Current Nation

Luna was formerly a part of the nation Mirenirenic. They joined Mirenirenic on the 13th March 2022. However, on the 18th of June, the Holy Nation State of Praetara was formed, with Luna succeeding from the confederacy and being renamed to Praetara Centrum.


The 3 Orders

The Great Order: This is primarily made up of the Apostles of Luna, however it is also made up of the key figures which run the other 2 orders. The order is usually more commonly referred to as a Senate than an Order. This order is overseen by the apostles and the heads of the other orders speak to the apostles for guidance. This order oversees the actions taken by the other 2.

The Moonlight Order: This order is made up of the guards of Luna. They ensure the city is secure and the laws set out in the city are enforced. They are referred to as ‘Moonlight’ as the moonlight is what represents the Goddess, Luna’s vision. They ensure Luna’s city remains civil.

The Sacred Order: This is the religious order within Luna. They play the key role of upholding the influence and reputation of the several deities within the city. The main deity being Luna, Goddess of the Moon.

Notable Groups

Apostles of Luna:

These are the names that have been given to those who inhabit the tower, whilst those who have been spotted differ in appearance greatly the most common usually takes on the appearance of a pale-skinned, high-elf with golden eyes.


Luna: She is the goddess of the city, the most notable deity of the city. She holds absolute authority and is known for passing on information and orders to the Apostles of Luna. She is more commonly referred to as the 'Goddess of the Moon.'

Imphiel: God of humility, second only to Luna.

Amphus: This is the deity of war, he for the most part is only praised by the moonlight order in order to grant safe travels and good luck during battles they may be involved in.


Infernal attack at the Outpost

For reasons still unknown, on a seemingly ordinary day, strange creatures attack the outpost of Luna which guarded the city, located to the east near the farmlands. It is unknown why, but these creatures seemed to be enraged version of normal hostile creatures, strengthened by fire itself. It took the combined force of the guards of Luna and several allies from the Confederacy of Mirenirenic to quell the beasts at the outpost. This was successful, and the forces were driven back to the caverns under Oakhurst, for an ensuing battle led by the confederacy.