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Coldfront is a town located in the Frozen Sea. It was founded long ago, some time after the foundation of Winterhallow.



Before the first settler came to these cold waters, it was just a collection of big icebergs, which would be later renamed to Great Icebergs.


As settlers moved to the site that was to be Coldfront, they split and broke the ice, to form the main platform of ice and snow, on which the town rests. Building projects soon followed.

Historical Buildings

The first building was the mayor's manor, next was the Great Trident which is a monument to the Gods of Everfrost religion.


Coldfront is located in the southwest corner of Alathra, south of Moria and west of Gaushan, and is situated on the Great Icebergs in the Frozen Sea.

Flora and Fauna

Fauna consists of over 200 sheep, 1 cow, 3 polar bears. Flora consists of spruce trees, tall and short grass, ferns and sweet berry bushes.


The terrain is icy and snowy, allowing fast movement.


The people of Coldfront consist of humans and polar bears.


No dominant culture.

Common Practice

  • It is customary to leave a bottle of vodka in the unmarked grave.


The town of Coldfront is a religious center of Everfrost religion. Gods of this religion include:

  • Icurys, God of Ice and Survival
  • Pyra, Goddess of Fire and Warmth


The government system is constitutional democracy.



The exports of Coldfront are:

  • Enchantment books
  • Wool


The imports of Coldfront are:

  • Pumpkins
  • Melons

Foreign Relations

Coldfront is mostly peaceful, being far from any large nations makes it quite safe.

Additional info

  • Under Arcadia, there have been 2 mayors, Twyst was the first mayor, and Plato is the current one.
  • Soon after coming to the Great Icebergs, settlers found a strange glowing orb, with several magical properties.
  • Coldfront hosts Mann Co. HQ.
  • The 3 polar bears are official town members