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Connaco Ormán
Mayor of Artorias and Vyzia
Connaco In Formal Attire
BornJune 26 (age 43)
ResidenceArtorias, Vyngard
Other namesConnor
OccupationOligarch of Artorias, Mayor of Artorias and Vyzia
Known forFormer FCA Senator, War General, Mayor of Artorias, Founder of Vyzia
RelativesSenator Issiroth of Artorias (Brother)

Connaco is the founder, and mayor of Vyzia. He currently retains the role of senator of Vyzia amongst the FCA senate.


Early Days

Connaco first entered the Alathran world on June 16th, 2021 . Unfamiliar with this new world, Connaco, and his friends Zaaron and Naaman wanted to attempt to overthrow Alathra's leading nation and conquer the world under the impression that the Alathrian world was a world compiled of nothing but grudge intentions and traitors.


This thought was short lived however as on June 17th, 2021, he had met a small group of citizens at the small camp of RedWood. Fredbook and Coolgummybear initiated conversations with Connaco, providing details about this world Connaco was unfamiliar with and even gave 64 iron ingots, 10 diamonds, and $1000 to assist in establishing a town. That same day Connaco alongside Zaaron and Naaman founded the small village of Qrin above a portal to the end dimension on the southeast side of Arith. Qrin was built up quickly, having protective walls, an archery training grounds, a mineshaft, and even few homes constructed by June 19th, however building over a end portal quickly led to Qrin's downfall. One of the guidelines of the Alathrian world was to never create a town over the end portal. Upon learning this information, Connaco, Naaman and Zaaron established a new town just east of Redwood, leaving Qrin abandoned on June 19th, 2021. Some reminiscences of Qrin's former self still stand today as several of the buildings exterior remain mostly untouched.


Khuamont was founded on June 19th, 2021 by Connaco, Naaman and ZaaronGaming on the south side of Arith. Similarly to Qrin, Khuamont was constructed rapidly. A mineshaft, city walls, farms, and several homes were constructed the same day as its founding. That same day, Khuamont joined the newly formed nation of Synbio alongside RedWood, Lost Wind, and Final Rest. Every town in Synbio got one senator to represent their town with Connaco holding this position to represent Khuamont. Connaco was to represent Khuamont as senator with the condition that before casting Khuamont's vote, he would first discuss the topic with Naaman and Zaaron to get their opinions, then to vote in the way the majority of the three wanted, as those three shared the role as mayor of Khuamont. ConacoGaming would remain as senator until Synbio disbanded on June 28th, 2021. On June 22nd, 2021, Zaaron left Khuamont to start a village of his own; Stormwind, leaving Naaman and Connaco as the sole mayors of Khuamont. Throughout this time, Khuamont continued to experience rapid construction thanks largely to Naaman and Connaco with several homes, a town hall and pathways being constructed. On July 2nd 2021, ConacoGaming stepped down as mayor of Khuamont as he wanted to form a new town with infrastructure unlike that of Khuamont and to be the sole mayor of a town so that he had the ability to represent and build a town the way he wanted to. Eventually, Naaman stepped down as mayor of Khuamont and merged Khuamont with RedWood. However nowadays Khuamont is largely abandoned as Naaman left RedWood July 7th, 2021. RedWood remained to keep Khuamont under its protection though eventually unclaimed it. Nowadays part of Khuamont is claimed by Vyziá Ormán.


Vyzia (formally known as Lakeshire and Vyziá Ormán) was founded on July 2nd, 2021 by Connaco on the northeast corner of Arith. Connaco chose to build up Vyzia slower compared to Khuamont and Qrin, opting for buildings with more detail and elegance, at the expense of time. Vyzia then observed the population increase substantially from one, to five, to 17 as of December 28th, 2021. This has enabled Vyzia to become the 8th largest population center on all of Arith. All of the former residents of Khuamont have since fled Khuamont for new opportunities and livelihoods in Vyzia. To this day Connaco remains the mayor of Vyzia and holds the role of senatorial position of representing Vyzia to the FCA.