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Cornucopia Republic
Motto: Pro felicitate!
Anthem: "Sweet Home Alabama"
Demonym Cornucopian
Government Constitutional Diarchy
 •  President StampymaxUSA
 •  President TylxrMD
 •  Assistant President __Balakay__
Establishment 10 November, 2021
Population 57 Increase
GDP (PPP) estimate
 •  Total $250,000 Increase
 •  Per capita $4386 Increase

New Fossores Republic, also called N.F.R. is a new nation situation in the very center of New Anglia. It use to be the heart land of the new deceased Fossores Republic. The founder of N.F.R. is the same leader who created and lead Fossores Republic. The troubling past and unstable present has lead the people of N.F.R to create a monarchy to take full control over the nation. The full government type is a Unitary Constitutional Monarchy. It's a centralized controlled monarchy controlled by only a select few in the nation. N.F.R. is peaceful to all nations having given up the art of war in favor of other more peaceful activities that can benefit the whole of the international community, not just a select elite few.