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Craigites are believers of the CRAIG faith, which originated in Témal. CRAIG is a chicken God that supplied the town with eggs and saved the town from famine. CRAIG believes in the unification of all peoples, and peace between all people. CRAIGITE books are to be written in Nosrep or Nostoros, the holy language of CRAIG. CRAIG is not living, but will return one day in an event called the Vuidbi. It will only happen when every nation is unified under CRAIG. CRAIG's name must always be capitalized.


Nosrép/Nostoros is a code type language. Here is a translated excerpt in Nostoros: "KERAUIG si neauxt gnivil, tub oeill nrutér onæ dauy ni nau évént kneauxoen sau †æ Vuidbi. Ti oeill ylno néppah oehén yrévé nautieauxn si déifinu rédun KERAUIG."

Chicken Statue

A chicken statue is a sign of peace and allegiance to CRAIG.