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The Cult of Averon is the generic term for the beliefs and religious practices adhered to by the Order of Averon. It is an inclusive polytheistic religion focusing on the divinity of one primary figure, Averon. It is non evangelical and believes that it is compatible with any other polytheistic religious sect. This faith is found primarily in the members of the Order of Averon and occasionally in the places and townships that the Sacred Wayfarers pass through on there travels. Whilst the Followers of Averon practice all the tenants that Averon instilled in his Knights, contemporary followers are primarily concerned with the search for the Shards of Averon, the scatted remnants of the GodKnight that occurred after the betrayal of the Angels.

Foundation Myth

The Followers of Averon do not assume to know how the worlds started, only that there are many and varied worlds and plans. The first follower of Averon was a young squire from the land of Albion far from Alathras shores, Lance StCloud. In Albion the Gods often walked among we mortals, influencing our daily lives and in many cases, running amok with them. These Deific figures were plentiful and there roles diverse that very few groups tried to form a pantheon of them, most just worshiping one that patronized there local areas. Averon however was different, the son of two of the most influential deity the Goddess of the Winds and Adventure and the God of Battle and Protection, Averon did not take joy in manipulating and meddling in the lives of mortals, preferring to mask his divinity, appearing as a simple wayfarer and interact with them as equals. As he traveled further Averon began compiling journals of the places and peoples he met, his and there stories bound in tombs of brass and thick leather, each book being bound with divine power through his godly task. upon completion, these books would then be returned to the growing library under his keep back in the center of Albion

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