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Cyanus, often called 'The Town of Many Flowers', is a trade village within the nation of Sakan'to on the path between many different towns. Its widely regarded as a relaxing place to keep people' minds from the chaos of the faraway world. It lingers close to an old ruin & to a river leading up towards the capital of Dalleton.

Small Trade Town
Image Taken By Izzy Blu
Image Taken By Izzy Blu
Flag of Cyanus
Official logo of Cyanus
Coat of arms
Established19 Feburary 2022
 • Heiya UshuIzzy_Blu
Population (1 April 2022)
 • Total1
Demonym(s)Cyanus Folk



Before the settlement of Cyanus, it was just a random flower field by the large river crossing near places like Dalleton & Oakland. It had nothing more than random field life, an odd amount of bees, & a looming ruin in the far distance. Said ruin was once home to a town of its own, but no one in Cyanus nowadays recognises it for anything other than a dead zone of mobs & ever-churning water. The flowers & flowering trees always smelled sugary, almost to a sickly level. This likely being the reason why no one settled in it until traders ended up in a jam there.


Cyanus' settlement came from a roadblock situation in a trade route passing the field. People were stuck for several months until just deciding to settle down in the field, building as they went along. This style of building is likely why there's a clear divide between the houses up front & the houses up back. As the days went along, the people got access to much fancier materials than cobble & wood. Though people made picnics for recreation all over Cyanus in its first few months, they eventually got the tavern. With it, a sense of kinship & order through partying along became synonymous with the town. Everyone was either hyperactive or plain lazy & there wasn't much in-between, apart from their ever-anxious mayor.

Historical Buildings

Band getting ready to play at the tavern.
The Lily of the Valley

The most well-known building in Cyanus is the tavern. Dubbed, 'The Lily of the Valley' by the mayor & main worker, this spot is a major source for leisure in town. It has the common things you'd find in one; music, drink, pool, etc. It has been said that some of the drinks are known to be... Odd. Luckily the residents understand that they're harmless, but some still are awaiting the day the mayor accidentally puts an actual Lily of the Valley in the tea...

The Cyanus Art Guild
Two Cyanus Art Guild members bickering about the failing bay project.

Formed early on into the town's construction, the Cyanus Art Guild is the most prominent trade hub in the whole town. Members are mostly artists, builders, & terraformers all from the town, & are often responsible for quite a few of works across Alathra. The levels of teamwork in the group are often rag-tag at best, & flaky at worst, but all in all, they'll eventually get the job done.

Cyanus Bay Project

One of the most frustrating jobs for these builders was the Cyanus Bay Project, where they hoped to have been able to set up a port in the Etrovian Canal. Unfortunately, shipwrights were rare in town, so for months, the project had been delayed until the Cyanus Art Guild could find a shipwright for hire. Luckily, one was found during a trip to Dalletosh one Summer, & they managed to make big enough boats to support long-term travel. They rarely use these travel vessels for trade, but rather to take people around Alathra for important jobs & events.

Town Hall Project

There's also been recent developments for a town hall, yet no one has solidified what it'll look like or where they'll put it yet...

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Cyanus is located in the continent of Prospit, within the nation of Sakan'to. The environment is a plain close to both the Toburne River & The Etrovian Canals. There's boat-based links to Oakland & Dalleton, as well as road links to Melon Crest & Siera. Its location is close to birch & dark oak woods, as well as a small mesa filled with cacti.

Flora and Fauna

A young bee getting nectar from a cornflower.

Flowers, flowers, & more flowers. Cyanus' field is filled with clusters of flowers. They come in many colours, shapes, heights, & properties, as well as being a mainstay in the town's naming schemes & materials. People use their dyes for paint, toxins for antivenom/pesticide, & even use them in Alchemy. The cornflower is the symbol of Cyanus, because of a dish made in the region said to give anyone who consumes it 'a spring in their step'. There's also a unique small tree that grows in Cyanus, with deep brown trunks & large flowering clusters that grow year round. Some have dubbed them 'Lapis Jacarandas', but a scientific name has yet to be given.

Animals in Cyanus consist mainly of livestock & bees. During the Summer, rainforest birds fly into town to try & eat crops, much to the anger of farmers. During winter, foxes like to huddle up in the sides of houses, which is a much more pleasing sight for the townsfolk.

A sketch of a Lapis Jacaranda.


The terrain is flat, with few hills to be found. It's often considered well ground to travel by horse or cart, as long as you dodge cavern entrances. There's also rivers capable of supporting rowboats, kayaks, & small sailboats making rounds from Dalletosh.


Cyanus is extremely multicultural due to the circumstances of the town's creation, with people from all over Prospit & sometimes further. The majority population is from Dalleton & its neighbouring regions, some come from Nixium or Fare-Sesso, some from Arcadian Altanate, & a few from other continents. Most likely coming over to avoid worldwide plights. The town's allure is obviously the atmosphere, being surrounded by art & flowers, but a few come over to purely be discreet & avoid punishment for their actions. Races are also variable, with the mayor themself being inhuman or at least formerly so. It often attracts the attention of fey, but small creatures like goblins & kobolds find relatability to the town's often short populace.


Culture is a funny thing in Cyanus. Since most of the people were from Dalleton, they used a character system of writing & speech, that was split in terms of formality, proper nouns, etc. But since many of the other tradesmen couldn't understand what they were saying, the main language was decided to be common tongue. Except common tongue was difficult for some to get used to. This culminated in what some call 'Flower's Common Tongue', which is known for having habits of a casual version of the language in Dalleton, while still being in common tongue. Some of the differences are as follows:

  • The shortening & combining of words. (e.g. Outa = Out of, Dunno = Don't know, Mate = Matey (A term used by those who worked at sea.))
  • Phrases referencing the Faithlow of Dallet. (e.g. Cod replacing God, pointing upwards when referring to hell, etc.)
  • An odd comfortability with cussing that'd been rubbed off from sailors.

Along with odd dialect, you can often tell that someone's from Cyanus from their tolerance to sweet smells & food. Honey is put in a lot of food, & flowers litter every street corner, so it'd make sense that everyone's well used to sugary things. This, funnily enough, is why The Lily of the Valley stocks more non-alcoholic drinks than alcoholic ones, because everyone wants sweet drinks.

Many people from Cyanus are often a little sheltered, aside obviously from the sailors & traders. This leads to a lot of confusion about events & timelines, as people usually hear the result of telephone games rather than actual fact. It's a little funny though when you realize, for example, that a lot of the people in town think that Haven is run by a literal living statue rather than a person who looks like one.

The Dire Bee featured on Cyanus' coat of arms. Its seen holding a Fell Stinger.

Though Cyanus shares a respect of fish with many other towns in the nation, there's also similar treatment given to bees. They're on the coat of arms, beehives are littered across the picnic area, & the main weapon given to guards in town are curved spears called a Fell Stinger.


Similar to culture, faith in Cyanus is equally as spread out. The Faithlow of Dallet is the most common, even having a little sculpture in town based around it, but a few others also are practiced. A lot of Cyanus' actions can be based around the Faithlow of Dallet, as people often use ludicrous methods to control phantom populations, keep close to the water, & are not very fond of tyrants or colonists.



A beekeeper holding a honeycomb wall.

Cyanus, being a trade spot, sell things helpful for those travelling from place-to-place. Food, drink, horses, repair, & other essentials. They also have trade in drinks, dye, flowers, honey products, written books, fletcher's materials, etc. There's also obviously The Cyanus Art Guild, & The Lily of the Valley, that's more than willing to sell any matter of drink, and they mean any.


Cyanus doesn't really bulk buy from other places much, its pretty self-sufficient. It does often have housing supply assistance from their much bigger cousin town of Dalleton but it doesn't exactly count. Dalletosh provides a few imports over to town.

Foreign Relations

Cyanus' foreign relations are usually that of trade, especially services. The mayor can personally rattle off many nations & peoples the Cyanus Art Guild worked with, both successful & unsuccessful. Many Cyanus folk are tolerant to other nations because they came from many nations themselves, but some have a harder time with places that are more restrictive.


Tal the Lowly & Nora of Siera playing pool in the tavern past hours.

Currently, there has been no outer or inner conflict in Cyanus. The town's recency & lack of known enemies are usually the reasons, though some explain that it's because of how far they are from other parts of the world. If there ever was a seige, the mayor claimed that they can't directly fight melee, becuase they suck at using a sword due to wonky hands & arms. This situation has led most of the townsfolk heavily fearing seiges & skirmishes.


There are no direct alliances, although they do have a lot of good friends from random places. Mainly Sajko of Port-aux-Nixe, Nora of Siera, Remora of Haven, & a few others. The Cyanus Art Guild however has no care in who hires them, so they have regulars. Most notably, Twyst from , who hired for 3 artworks in a row at one point. Cyanus' mayor is also a part of the PDO (Prospit Defense Force) as an assistant in certain non-combat scenarios.