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Darius is a Kind yet quiet spirit, who believes that redemption always rests around the corner and that Order is a lie. He believes that in order to achieve one's goals, they must follow the central path of Direction's Pull.

Early Life

Darius Andros was born in the late blooming season of many years ago, where he was born to a set of parents (drifters, much like their son) Lancer and Mira Andros. Darius was always a shy boy, but one with a mighty tongue, able to win almost any argument with facts and logic, astounding at such a young age. Darius's father unfortunately passed away early in his life, but that never stopped him from completing his father's work, The Sense of Direction (A Manifesto, created by his Father many years before hand).

The Creation of something bigger

Darius eventually went on to create the Mercenary group, The Midnight Strikers, which was a small startup, but unfortunately it had not reached much success.

Becoming One

Darius has become Alpharius.

Coming Back

Darius eventually came back from his long fever dream, as he came back to and swore his fealty to his nation's Leader, Altan of Arcadia