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Davidus Voltus, (nicknames being DankEngineDave among others) is a citizen of the City of Haven. He is the barkeep of the Lupanar.


Early Life:

Born and raised by his father Barnabas and mother Diana, Davidus spent his early days playing with the children of the town. He had his first taste of alcohol at the age of 7 and consequently fell in love with it.
For his father possessed not the skills of a brewer, Davidus decided to become an apprentice of the local brewer Dominic. Through the years he gained the valuable skills of brewing.

His life as an Apprentice:

As the apprentice of Dominic, his life had not been easy. He worked day and night to satisfy is master. Eventually, after years and years of failures and successes,
Davidus was able to brew most things including mead, beer, rum and whiskey. Though as Davidus turned 23, Dominic died and Davidus became a full brewer.

Additional Info:

He is a stern character, who hates when people make a fuss about things.
He always collects debts and people who cannot pay are not welcome unless they are his (close) friends.
He loves brewing and despises cheap or bad alcohol