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Diraiga the Alchemist (IGN: Diraiga) is a former tavern worker who has went from brewing drinks to studying alchemy. Working most of his life in a tavern to get by and survive, Diraiga also would take up his time learning alchemy in the pursuit of knowledge. They entered the world of Alathra after being ran off from their tavern home due to the creation of illicit potions.


Physical Appearance

Diraiga is a 5'8" Male with Brown hair. He is fair skinned and is usually seen wearing a a brown long-coat since he has to travel to the wilderness in pursuit of alchemic materials. He is also seen wielding a crossbow and a small short sword for protection and also for collection of materials.

Early Life

Diraiga was born November 12th, having spent most of his life in a tavern since he never got to meet his parents. The Tavern keepers were more like family to him and taught him brewing in order to live under the tavern roof. Diraiga spent most of his early life until he was 21 brewing ales and other brews for the tavern and reading books in his free time. Diraiga began taking an interest in his craft and wanted to take it to the next level pursuing alchemy, but alchemy was no feat to learn. Diraiga had to hunt for books, supplies, and anything for the pursuit of knowledge revolving around alchemy. He would even go as far as stealing in pursuit of knowledge. Over the years, Diraiga would become a journeyman alchemist and would begin using his efforts to sell his potions and materials to anyone, this would later return to haunt him as he sold some "illicit" potions to take someone out. In a frenzy to keep his head, Diraiga left his home and the tavern to start a new life and continue his journey as a journeyman alchemist.

Modern Life

Diraiga entered Alathra at the age of 23 after fleeing from the tavern on June 21st. He ended up settling in the town of Elduriam part of the kingdom of Eldia. Not knowing the past and history of the nation, Diraiga plans to lead a quiet life, for the most part, in pursuit of his alchemic knowledge. Diraiga has much to learn but will not hesitate to act in any way in pursuit for his knowledge.



Alchemy is one of Diraiga's trademark skills. Brewing potions is one of Diraiga's main sources of income, but he plans to still learn more about alchemy, much more.