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Parents and birth

Albert Nano was born to a wealthy family in Keystead. His father, Robert Nano was a member of the Keysteadian guard, and served directly under the Keypeer himself. His mother, Olivia Nano was a prominent scientist in Keystead. The family had no issue with money, as they were very wealthy and powerful.

Escaping Keystead

When Albert was a young child, only 10 years old, The old king, nanochad, was overthrown by Glorious Volarium. While Glorious Volarium's actual force would've been no match for the Keysteadian guard, deception made his forces seem much bigger than they really were, so the Keysteadian guard stood down, and Glorious Volarium took control. Many members of the Keysteadian guard were executed, and The family of 3 managed to escape on a large warship just in time. However, this warship, on its way to start a new life in Eldia, accidentally strayed into Staulfastian waters, where the ship would be attacked by the Staulfastian navy, killing most aboard, including young Nano's parents. He managed to escape by swimming all the way to eldian land, where he was rescued and given treatment for his many injuries.

Eldian Life

For over a decade, Albert lived in Eldia, moving cities from Eldurium to Ardorra and Finally, Fort Crowin. He was seen as fit for recruitment into the Eldian Army and later, the Solarian Inquisition. He was trained to be a warrior, and he remained one of the best and most prominent warriors in Eldia. But as he became an adult, he realised that fighting was not his real passion. In reality, he really loved to research and read scientific papers.

Career Change

There was initially much pushback for Albert to become a scientist, the Eldian army just didnt want him gone. But eventually, they gave in, and he studied hard to become one.


Many of Albert's peers in university had scheduled a trip to the Arcadian Altanate to learn more about its culture and history, so it was only natural for Albert to join in. While sailing through Wahat Almarjan, Albert got into a physical altercation with a fellow student. The fight escalated and Albert was accidentally pushed off the side of the ship, and he fell into the Arcadian ocean. He was immediately rescued and taken to top level medical care. His formerly tanned but still pale skin was charred and burnt, as green glowed from within folds of his burnt skin. It was presumed that he would die quickly, but miraculously, he survived. Tests were done on him, and it was discovered that large amounts of microplastics were lodged into his skin, and that he had contracted over a dozen different diseases from the short amount of time he was in the water.


After his grave injuries, Albert dedicated his life to trying to study the toxic Arcadian waters. He was seen taking large samples of water from Arcadian rivers, lakes, and oceans, and spent excessive time studying them. The Arcadian government made attempts to silence him. They tried to intimidate him with a large military force showing up at his home in Eldia, they even tried to assasinate him while he was conducting research, but all attempts failed, Albert was not detered. It is widely beleived he is still conducting research to find out the truth about the arcadian waters.