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The Dragon Egg is known to be very large(around a full block) compared to an egg one might find lying around farmland, with microscopic scales that glitter in the moonlight like polished obsidian. The colour of the eggshell is thought to signify the dragon that lurks within. The egg, which has black scales with purple ripples and grey swirls, hatches into a dragon with black scales and teeth, grey horns and spinal plates, and purple eyes.

Dragons have been reported to lay eggs in nests with as many as five eggs, and a dragon can lay multiple nests in its lifetime. Although the question of dragon mating patterns is controversial, some researchers feel that a dragon must be male if it has never released an egg throughout its life. It is unknown whether a male dragon must fertilise an egg in order for it to hatch. Its believed in order for the egg to hatch, one would need to replicate the conditions of The End and of its Mothers nurturing. Dragon mothers are very protective of their eggs, as the only known mother died(horrifically) in an effort to protect its egg during the dragon fight.
Scholars think that unsuccessful egg hatches result in the creation of end portals, whereby allowing individuals to teleport to outlying islands in the end dimension.

Magical Properties

The Egg is said to bestow power and talents on its possessor, frequently a wide range of skills; just a few of these have been uncovered thus far. The few researchers who have sought to investigate the Egg believe it may be imbued with its mother's essence or possess inherent knowledge and willpower.

Other sentient artifacts/relics that link to a wielder in the past have been known to take possession of individuals who claim and utilize them, either mentally or physically. If relevant, the conditions of possession range from the wielder being in a crisis to experiencing strong emotions. Once linked being able to communicate via their host when they have complete control over the host's body and mind. It is unknown if the egg possesses this power, as it is with most of the rumours surrounding the egg.


After the dragon was slain, the warriors noticed the Egg teleports when touched. Only after piercing the Egg with a stick that carries fire infinitely were they able to handle it. It was later determined that the only way to calm the egg is by stabbing it with a razor-sharp needle that emits heat.
Once held the egg is difficult to handle. The Egg teleports back to you every time you try to store/get rid of it.
The only places you can keep the Egg are:

  • On your person.
  • Placed on a block or surface.
  • Trapped in an item-frame.

It's possible that the Egg's wielder will teleport at random, although this hasn't been confirmed.


When ready, the Egg enlarges on command (sneaking), revealing a brilliant light underneath its hard shell, allowing the wielder to fly. Though weak and slow on its own, it can be used in conjunction with eyltras obtained from end ships to allow the user to control the sky and, with enough time and practice, master gravity.
When using this method to activate the Egg, it is typical for the wielder to lose focus and have hallucinations about the Egg and its presumed dragon mother. Scholars found no documentation of long journeys; they think the wielder would go unconscious or die if they used the Egg for an extended period of time.

Spectators and witnesses may hear and feel a dragon's snarl, as well as the impacts of wings flapping as the wielder travels.

Power Increase

Dragon sounds can be heard as the wielder attacks. Although it isn't certain whether the wielder's strength is improved, evidence suggests that it is.

Dragons Cry

You may hear the Egg produce sounds as you interact with it. There isn't a lot of information on what these signify.

Limitations and inconvenience

Theoretically, there might be a slew of drawbacks and constraints to using the egg, according to researchers findings.
"No one man should have all that power"
"The clock's ticking', I just count the hours."
"Stop tripping', I'm tripping' off the power."

Known Limitations:

  • Exaggerated sense of self for wielder.
  • A curse of binding.
  • Thirst for blood and greed(theorized).