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(duke dawn son )

Citizenship: none

Occupation: farmer

Known for: building farm

== Backstory == farmer / boy 19 years old male and single




duke dawn son is a 19 year old boy who is a farmer he owns his own farming job but one night he saw an odd looking fella and walked up to him to say hello but the fella passed out he was knocked out by something he picked up the fella and took him to his farm to recovered 2 weeks have past and the fella woke up and said to duke thank you for saving me I was at deaths door the fella pulled down his hood he was a demon he asked duke what he desired and duke said i want to help the innocent and punishes the evil the devil smiled well I have what you're looking for he puts his hand on wear dukes soul is at and takes it and replaces it with the soul of the spirit of vengeance the devil then snapped his fingers and summoned a horse from the shadows called shadow he gave duke a new suit a nice looking suit and sent duke riding through the world Prospit.