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The village square.


Duskenspur was the first settlement by which the Order of Averon founded on the 21st of May, 2021. The city was initially central to the land claimed under the Knightdom of Averon, before becoming a founding member of the Alliance of Coastal States and collectively forming the Free Cities of Alathra (the F.C.A.) Duskenspur was well known for its use of granite fortifications, most notably the Bridge of Heroes. The Followers of Averon had made Duskenspur their holy city, one most notably being its founder, the Knight-Lord MylesDon.



After finding himself on the shores of Arith on the 21st of May, 2021, the Knight-Lord Myles Don traveled for many cycles through the world. Myles was a Sacred Wayfarer; one with the Order of Averon, and his mission was a simple one: find a home. After discovering a spur of rock jutting out of the embankment of a mighty river, Myles decided it the ideal location for the Order, and in Eastern Arith founded the city state of Duskenspur. The first building raised was the Granite Keep on the 22nd of May, 2021, its foundations being the same stone that drew Myles Don to this land. He would then develop upon its surrounding farmland so as to feed the people of his new world, and following this the Bridge of Heroes was constructed over the river, connecting the region.

Local Cooperation

During the first several cycles the workings of this land were strange to MylesDon. Unsure of how to properly administer a town in these regions or the interactions appropriate between settlements. Duskenspur was in need of knowledge which came in the form of a chance meeting with the SeaLord of Hightide, the Lordly and Affable Cody29797. Hightide and Duskenspur had many a joyous exchange over the subsequent cycles, sharing resources and knowledge in equal measure until an official alliance was formed between the two with the Treaty of Lords, binding the townships of Hightide and Duseknspur to obligations of mutual aid and assistance as well as solidifying their friendship.


Though the town began with the development of many great edifices, the towns growth was slow being the solo effort of one wayward wayfarer. Averon does not leave his Knights wanting in times of need however, and it was soon that the diligent and bold wanderer Tiberian3, found his way to the home of all noble travelers the hearth of the order. The first to join the city of Duskenspur, Tiberian3's proficiency for strip mining and architects eye soon saw the expansion of walls of Duskenspur, as well as the development of the gatehouse and the beginnings of the town itself helping the fortress truly become a settlement proper.

The Alliance of Coastal States

On the 26th of May 2021 an emissary from the costal city of Uhovia, spiceymonkey1349 requested admittance into the Granite Keep to discuss terms of alliance,with the knightlord of Duskenspur. Upon discussion, it was found that Uhovia was already allied with Duskenspurs oldest ally Hightide. Upon further discussions between MylesDon, Cody29797 and Spiceymonkey1349, an accord was reached to form a triple alliance and thus the Alliance of Coastal States was formed. This consisted of a mutual aid and defense agreement, as well as to provisions for trade and cultural exchange.

Forming of the Free Cities of Alathra

After several cycles of mutual benefit the idea of merging the allied towns into a new nation was discussed between the signatories. The old alliance of Duskenspur and Hightide agreed at the time of the meeting to formulate the Free Cities of Alathra with Spiceymonkey1349 Prime-minister of Uhovia, agreeing provisionally to include the two townships of Uhovia but requiring the signoff of white_flare1506 Lord of Uhovia (currently pending).


The Order of Averon

The culture of Duskenspur is based on codes and practices of the knightly order, of which all citizens are expected to join. The primary effects on the culture are as follows.

Sacred Hospitality

Hospitality is a intrigal part of the life of a citizen of Duskenspur, the people wish to provide a vibrant and interesting stay to guests, exchanging stories, booze and knowledge. To be a guest in Duskenspur, is to be cared for as by a long lost brother.

The offer of hospitality is a binding contract in Duskenspur, if one offers another hospitality, it is usually sealed with an offer of food and drink. Upon acceptance of this the two parties are obligated to each-other in the following ways: The Host promises to sustain the guest (food, drink and a place to lay their head), protect the guest (from all reasonable threats), and ensure their liberty for the duration of the stay (make sure they are not trapped in a room). The Guest promises to, respect the property of the Host and any higher authorities they owe fealty to (do not rob or destroy anything), not to bring disrepute or besmirch the honour of the host (dont be a dick). Provide stories and share knowledge, as both education and entertainment (the Order of Averon are honour bound to gather the history and stories of the places they visit, as their founder Averon once did, providing this is a way of a guest honouring their host). Finally, not to mislead their host (do not lie).

Breaking the sanctity of hospitality can on the hosts side result in punishment;from a nights imprisonment up to and including execution with subsequent exile from the order and township for the most egregious of cases. On the guests side breaking hospitality will in mild cases result in a fine to be paid to the host and sometimes additionally to the owner of the settlement. In severe cases the guilty may also be banished from Duskenspur and all associated lands, with a free warrant out on their execution upon being seen on said land again.


As touched upon above, the people of Duskenspur are a giving lot. With the world being a difficult place, the followers of Averon believe that sharing resources is one of the key ways to ensure the survival of all. Do not be surprised if you leave Duskenspur with armfuls of their locally produced wheat, baked potatoes, and a new shield to fend off the horrors of the night.


Whilst what you have read about the culture thus far may lead one to think of our people as soft, this would be a mistake. The Order of Averon is first and foremost a knightly order and whilst the orders tenants generally put protecting others and providing support as high obligations, the Order is also one of pride and honour;besmirch it and do not be surprised to find yourself at the point of a longsword. However, respect it and you will likely have found a friend and ally for life.


All members of the Order of Averon, and thus all citizens of Duskenspur are seekers of expierence. Those residents you come across in Duskenspur are likely to have traveled far and wide to collect stories and adventures to be Chronicled in the library of lives. As you pass by, leave with the residents tales of your adventure, long lost cities you have discovered, or the darkest dungeons in which you have delved. It will be added to our chronical of the stories of our world. Adversely, this will likely effect the number of people you see in the towns as many will be off exploring.


Duskenspur is accepting of all religious faiths, so long as those faiths are accepting of the beliefs of the Followers of Averon. Whilst it does not proselytise, citizenship of Duskenspur requires one to take the vows of the order of Averon, this can be done whilst holding another faith if that faith is polytheistic and accepting of the following of Averon.

The Cult of Averon

This is the Religious belief system followed by the Order of Averon. please see the page, Cult of Averon for more details.


National Alignment

Duskenspur is as of the 28th of May 2021 unified with Hightide in The Free Cities of Alathra


This new nation is a continuation of the alliance formed between the two leaders MylesDon and Cody29797 (and Spiceymonkey1349 of Uhovia, currently pending). This stemmed from the mutual aid and friendship formed between the two leaders. This Relationship remains one of the strongest Duskenspur enjoys.



Duskenspur enjoys an open and friendly relationship dynamic with Uhovia, entering into an alliance with them on the 26th of May 2021. The relationship continues to be a mutually beneficial alliance whilst Uhovia's integration into the Free Cities of Alathra progresses.


Duskenspur has an indirect alliance with Evergreen, through its alliance with their suzerain Uhovia


Duskenspur Currently has no enemies or negative relationships.

The Citizens of Duskenspur

Knighlord MylesDon - Sacred Wayfarer of the Order of Averon

Arriving from a far away land as one of the Sacred Wayfarers, tasked with finding the shards of Averon. The founder and Knightlord of Duskenspur. Lover of Mead, Sharer of gifts.

Knight Tiberian3 - 1st Officer of the Order of Averon

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