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Founded as an independent town November 22nd on the Northeastern most point of Prospit, north of the city of Rilavke, by its founder, Ferb Frebius.

Eastwatch was first created by the first Lord Frebius in order to give a home to westward migrating far-easterners, who were experiencing political and social difficulty. The first project was the construction of the wall, which was later put on hold due to the project's scope. The founding of Eastwatch was helped largely by the mayor of Rilavke, MegaVirusCreeper.

Eastwatch soon opened a shop at Arith Market with permission by kevien12. Construction of the shop was never finished due to various other projects, but it remains maintained and stocked still by the Lord Frebius. Come check it out.

After taking on new players, Eastwatch soon became more focused around maintaining an community as well as a presence with members outside its community, including members of other Prospit nations, including Kvatch, the Voievodat Cresvlitsae, and naturally Rilavke.


November 22nd - founding of Eastwatch (formerly known as the Dreadfort)

Dec 19th - Eastwatch townhall construction finished, controversial Frebius Manifesto written, the title Lord Frebius created

Dec 20nd - Treaty of Eastwatch created

Dec 21st - Ferb Frebius mysteriously assassinated by a high profile hitman. Ferb bridge finished in his honor. An address is made by Joachim Ist

Dec 23rd - Under the direction of the second Lord Frebius, Eastwatch declares independence.

Dec 26th - Long term plans for independence are declared

stuff happens-----

3/8/22 - The steward of Eastwatch, the last remaining citizen, leaves on the last ship departing to the Far East. The Frebius' are gone, and their legacy ends.


Eastwatch first joined Sathnir, the capital of which was Rilavke.

Sathnir was eventually merged with Carthya to become Carthynir, which then absorbed Eastwatch.

After a period of little intra-national activity, Eastwatch, under the direction of Phin Frebius the second Lord Frebius, declared independence. Soon after, after considering the nation of Avantia, Eastwatch declared intentions for long term independence.

It eventually became the capital of the nation Sethorien, which included the City of Rilavke as well. Afterwards, it merged with Fare-Sesso to create Fare-Unire. What started at first as a three town nation- Senza-Nome, Eastwatch, and Rilavke- quickly expanded into a massive kingdom encompassing most of northern Prospit. Fare Unire became a major continental and international power, with Eastwatch as one of its largest towns.

FerbTheDude left and sitsit got ownership of it. Fare-Unire, after merging with Jotunstan to become Il-Vuoto, left and named itself to Fare-Sesso.