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Edward Riley
Edward Riley's appearance
BornMay 28, Year 996
Far away lands in a different dimension
NationalityFree Cities of Alathra
Other namesDark Star
OccupationExplorer, Adventurer, Gatherer, Builder
Known forHelping to build FCA Capital
Height1,66 m
Weight56 kg (123 lb)

Edward Riley (or Dark Star ; DarkStar28) is an explorer, adventurer, builder and gatherer in the world of Alathra. Originating from far away lands in another dimension, he stumbled in the world of Alathra after being teleported from a different dimension for begin a new adventure in these new foreign lands.


Early Pre-Alathra Life

Edward Riley was born on May 28, 996 in an unknown kingdom of a far away land in a different dimension. The father was a royal scout, while the mother ran a shop outside the walls of the city they lived in. The boy had a quiet childhood until, at the age of 9, his father mysteriously disappeared during a mission for the king. This fact threw the family into crisis, leading even Edward's mother to fall ill and, later, to pass away. At just 15, Edward had to learn to live on his own, finding small jobs around the kingdom and living in the few places he could stay for more than one night. In this period of constant movement, Edward learned to survive alone in the woods and to hone his steal techniques, as the jobs he found did not give him enough to live for. Joining bands of thieves he could survive with from time to time, Edward earned his nickname "Dark Star" as code name after being accepted in the "Oscyle Thieves Guild". On September 3, 1021, Edward woke up after a day of work, but in another completely different place. Awakened, Edward discovered that he had mysteriously ended up in another different continent, waking himself in an icy pass. At his side he found nothing but his equipment and a used summoning rune, meaning someone or something had summoned him in that new continent. With many questions and not knowing where to go Edward began to travel around the new region he was teleported in, wandering between different kingdoms and knowing new people who tried to help the adventurer to understand why he was there. One day, while he was mining underground, Edward heard a voice in his mind that told him to reach a tower in the city near his position. Curious, he traveled there and found a book with some notes, telling him to reach different places written on the book because there were other clues for explain what was going on. With a new adventure on the horizon, Edward began to travel, collecting the different notes while at the same time being ambushed by elemental monsters summoned by an unknown entity. After composing all the notes, Edward found out that his long lost father had written those books, and he was telling Edward to reach a new position up in the high mountains of the region he was in. Reached it, he fought and killed an Icy Wendigo, finding out that the creature was a fragment of his father's soul trapped in an elemental monster. With its last breaths, his father explained that he was killed in a mission for eliminate a vampire cult that was trying to summon an eldritch abomination for destroy the Sun and reign undisturbed in the darkness, while ignoring the fact that the abomination would even kill all life on the planet. When the father was killed, the teleportation rune summoned Edward to the new land for try to end his mission. Telling Edward to reach the icy pass where the boy was summoned for destroy the cult, the adventurer began his last travel and reached the vampire hideout. There he fought and defeated the night creatures before they were able to summon the eldritch abomination, ending his lost father's last mission. Scarred in the soul by what he faced, Edward needed to begin his life from scratch somehow. One of his friends was able to help him and, using an ancient teleportation spell, Edward was finally able to get in a new dimension, away from his turbulent past.

The Alathran Experience

With the teleportation spell, Edward ended up in the open fields of the continent of Arith on March 11, 1022. Without knowing where to go, the adventurer began to travel the lands of the continent, stumbling on GreatLemi who invited him to live in HighTide for reorganize himself. Accepting to become an FCA citizen, Edward began to help the community by joining HawlMGamez's Adventurer Guild or working on the FCA Capital city.



Edward has short-length dark brown hair pulled back in the front, whit really short hair on both sides. He is 1,66 meters tall and has brown eyes. Despite going in various adventures, Edward shows itself has being almost skinny and with a barely athletic body, but his physical appearance doesn't compromise his skills, having extreme agility and speed when it comes to running or combat.

He likes to wear dark clothes because during his time as thief he learned that the more the clothes are dark, the less he's likely to be spotted by dangerous people or creatures. As such he wears a black jacket with raised sleeves, while under it he wears a beige shirt. His pants and boots are black, while his finger-less gloves are dark brown. He always wander around with a bag.

His favorite and most used weapon is the Scythe.


He is an extremely hyperactive and positive-attitude boy, always cheerful and ready to help people everywhere he can. He is pretty charismatic when it comes to attracting or knowing people and he always tries to avoid combat or to hurt people unless he's constraint to fight for his life or for protect others.




Trivia & OOC

  • Edward Riley's MC in game name is DarkStar28
  • Edward Riley's discord address is Dark Star#2498