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Biographical information

Full name: Eldae Suariaith Ceedreth Viindrur

Birthplace: In a cottage near Briscoe Ranch

Status: Alive and active

Citizenship: Seðrvis Tribe


Eldae is a Darkelf so he has purple/grey skin with white hair and pointy ears.

His clothing varies from different occasions. When its a casual day he has green robes but when he was ever on patrol or at a garrison he wore steel armor over some tan leather clothing



Eldae was born in a small cottage near Briscoe Ranch. His father was a Knight of Sol which later inspired Eldae to follow in similar footsteps. Signing up to become a soldier of the grand Elyrian Army.

Life on the farm

Eldae's family had a farm when he was a child. He loved to tend to the sheep they had on their ranch. They didn't earn much money but it was enough to survive. Unfortunately, his mother performed many unforgivable actions upon Eldae as he grew up. In his early teens, his mother Gemedva die a peaceful death in bed, surrounded by her other family members.

Late teens and early twenties

Eldae's father had been out trying to convert people to become Knights of Sol in foreign lands. Due to this, Eldae had no way to reach his father so Eldae was left alone at the farm. Finishing growing up alone he had the opportunity to explore a lot more. Venturing along the large river that was fed by a lake one day. This day, he learned the risks of traveling alone as he was ambushed by bandits near the what is now ruined claims of Rhum at the outskirts of the Stahlfaust marsh. The bandits captured Eldae and stole his horse and coins. He woke up and tried getting home, lost and with no sense of direction. Taking a wrong turn he traveled farther and farther North before stumbling upon Egregan. He was amazed by the towering walls that now loomed before him. He spoke with the Lord who had pointed him in the right direction and after 4 long months...was finally home. But the cottage was empty, and just like how he left it. His father still had not returned so Eldae assumed his father was still on his quest, unknowing to him that his father would never return home. Eldae spend the last two years on his farm tending to his sheep and wheat but he wanted more adventure and action again. Leaving his farm he took a short walk to Peachfield, the capital of the nation he had lived in for so many years. He was then conscripted into the Grand Elyrian army. His first duties were patrolling the Southern border during the political tensions between Elyria and Stahlfaust. He continued to do so until the two nations found peace by unifying. Eldae in his later military years went on several campaigns to attack the assassins guild that had been set up in Gaushan when Stahlfaust-Elyria was in a time of governmental weakness. A notable occasion about Eldae's campaigns along with other Elyrian troops was the destruction of the encampment these assassins hid in. When the troops moved through the thick and dense forest of Gaushan to squash these assassins, Eldae had killed 7 of them himself.


Eldae then was stationed at the Elyrian war fort Renova but when Renova got its independence, Eldae retired and joined the Seðrvis Tribe.