Ellie the end demon

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Home World

Ellie lived in a town in a mysterious dimension known by no alathran.

Arrival to Alathra

Ellie's arrival was confusing to her she was in her home eating when a fracture between dimensions brought her to alathra.

First Days on Alathra

Her first days seem to have gone by so quick when she arrived she joined the town of wiltonberg for shelter she spent her first day's there mining out dirt to flatten the land and she opened a tavern.

Time at Wiltonberg

While at wiltonberg she helped by farming and getting emeralds eventually the town leader got tired of his duties and promoted her to town leader.

Wars and Conflicts

The Krosston v Itar(mercs) War

This war was a bunch of skirmishes but Ellie played a key part in fighting.

Krosston v Meloncrest War

Ellie played a major part in the siege of meloncrest by holding off until backup and extra supplies could arrive.

Special Items

The Demonic Blade

While Ellie was at her tavern she opened a chest that had a note and a sword inside the note said Ellie this sword was forged ny our hottest forge by our greatest smith to help you on your journey.