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Basic Info

Joined 6/15/2021

Misc Info
Height 5'6/167cm
Weight 100lbs/45kg
Race Seemingly Divine


Early Life

Enoch first came to consciousness staring up at the brilliant blue sky, slowly becoming aware of the burning sensation in their legs. Jolting upright, they were met with a view of a vast ocean. Scrambling to their feet they rushed back, fear surging forth at the thought of being so close to the depths. As they moved away the pain subsided, where the water had touched them once red and burned, now healed as it dried. They did not take long to ponder where they were, or why, instead choosing to turn and run further inland, anything to get away from the wretched depths. They ran from the beach into a dense forest, running until they could not. Once their legs failed them, and their breath refused to come but in huffing greedy gasps, they finally paused. Paused to think. How had they gotten here? And perhaps more importantly, who were they? All they could remember was a name. Enoch.

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They tend to be quite laid back, wishing to avoid conflict whenever possible. However, they are willing to fight for what they truly believe in, which most of all is truth. The very concept of truth, they believe, is one of the most important things to be.

Political Beliefs

While they are widely unaware of politics as a whole, and the terms that come with it, their beliefs fall closest to anarcho-socialism.


  • When engaging in combat they seem to enter a trancelike state, almost as if sleepwalking.
  • When their emotions run high, their eyes begin to glow. If they continue to rise emotionally, the light may leak from their mouth and limbs.
  • They are afraid of water.