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The Stranger

Farthen first appeared in Alathra on the western shores of Gaushan near The Hole. Found by Saint Bean, Farthen awoke floating on the water with an awful headache and a damaged left eye. Having no memory of who he was or how he got there, Farthen cautiously followed Bean into The Hole, where Bean introduced him to Alathra and The Hole Under the Sun religion. Bean brought Farthen to the top of a tower and asked him to join The Hole Under the Sun. Feeling as though Bean was insane and fearful that he would kill him if he didn't join, Farthen jumped off the tower - narrowly avoiding death - and ran.

Farthen then wandered southeast, briefly passing by Wulfheim before heading over the waters to the east and arriving at Mantle. There he met Cyan Nox Rose-Timemantle I, the Grand Princess of Mantle, who cautiously allowed him into the city after realizing he was unarmed and injured.

The Refugee

After finding a note about a refuge called the Takumid Freehold on a shore near Mantle, Farthen promptly left the city, hoping for a more peaceful life. Arriving at the Freehold, Farthen constructed a small hut and began mining for resources, eventually stumbling across an underground ice path. Following it, he reached the ruins of a city which contained a library. There he found a mostly-faded text labeled Ceremonies of Dusk and Dawn.