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Federation of Arith
Location of The Federation
Demonym Arithian, Federator
Establishment 11 August 2021

The Federation of Arith momentarily replaced the older Free Cities of Alathra following the Arithian Fracture of the 11th of Augustus, 2021. The Federation was founded in HighTide under F.C.A. loyalists, believing the K.O.A. separatists to have been "irrational" and "anti-democratic" in their disregard for the older principles that which the F.C.A. was founded upon, most notably when they introduced a monarchy into the continent. As a countermeasure, the Federation of Arith aimed to follow F.C.A. principles even more so than before, in light of the K.O.A. The F.C.A. has since been refounded.